Must - do Yoga asanas  to boost blood circulation

Marjaryasana / Bitilasana :

Often used as warm-up position, the cat-cow stance encourages blood flow to the back and spinal column

Adho Mukha Svanasana  :

Your heart is above your head in this position, which allows for increased blood flow to the upper body and brain.

 Tadasana :

Mountain Pose is another straightforward yet efficient standing position to improve blood flow to your arteries and circulate blood throughout your body.

 Sarvangasana :

Shoulder Stand is an inversion when your legs are over your head while you're lying on the ground on your back.

 Viparita Karani :

Legs up the wall is a common yoga practise for relaxation. Your calves and feet will receive more blood and circulation thanks to this dynamic stretch.


Low lunge position, a dynamic stretch, helps to improve blood flow to your lower limbs.

 Uttanasana :

Your legs, glutes, and hips receive more oxygen and blood while you are in the chair posture.

 Disclaimer : 

These are generic information. Please consult an expert if have an underlying medical condition.