Unlocking the Power of Flat Abs Workouts for Women

Who does not like to have a fit body? But when considering devoting special time to exercise things could be quite challenging, especially for women.

Offering a very good option with more benefits in less time HIIT workout is a good option for those who want to maintain good health but are always running short of time.

In the comfort of your home, this Flat Abs Workout for women can help you get insane results. It offers a whole lot of exercises out of which most do not even require any equipment.

Flat Abs Workout for Women Benefits

In this article, we will discuss 10 Mins Flat Abs Workout for women the only thing to remember when you begin is to just listen to your body. Go a bit slow and as you gain stamina you are good to reach out for an intense workout. Let’s dive more into this sea full of health benefits:


Women doing Crunches

Keep both hands under your head in a holding position from beneath. Keep your legs folded In a standing position. After this, raise your head and half of your upper body i.e. till your chest is a bit high, and hold for a few seconds now return to the original position. Do this exercise for 0:20 seconds.

Reach thru crunches:

Keeping your legs folded in a standing position rise up from the upper body same as the crunches but in this exercise reach out to the knees. It provides strength to both muscles and the back. Do this exercise for 0:50 seconds. 

L-sit Toe Touches:

Flat Abs Workout for women

Keeping legs straight in an L-sh-shaped position try to touch the feet by keeping the arms straight. This exercise works on building up stamina and abs. The timing is 1:20 seconds for this exercise.

Oblique Heel Taps:

Lying on your back by keeping it straight and your legs in s folded position stretching your arms to the fullest touching your foot on one side once done repeat on the other. The time duration for this exercise is 1:50.

Russian Twists:

Women doing Russian Twists

Keeping your legs elevated and maintaining a half-sitting position hold a weight in your hands by twisting the body to one side at a time. Hold the wait for a few seconds. The time duration for this exercise is 2:20 seconds.

Bicycle Crunches:

keeping hands on either side of the head tilted a bit high, cycle your legs in the air putting pressure on the base. This exercise builds the core and strengthens the abs. Repeat this exercise for 3:20

Mountain Climbers:

Women doing Mountain Climbers

Even putting body weight on the arms and legs in an inverted position keeps climbing similar to climbing a mountain. A good amount of energy is needed for this exercise. The time duration for this exercise is 4:50 seconds.

Single Leg Extensions:

Lying in an inverted position brings your body weight to the elbows and knees, raising one leg and keeping the other grounded. The leg in the air when returning to the original position should not touch the floor. Repeat the same with the other leg too. Repeat this exercise for 5:50 seconds.

Roll Ups:

Keeping your upper body tilted a little high lying on your back, raise your legs as high as your chest when returning back do not touch the floor. The time duration for this exercise is 6:20 seconds.

L-sit Cross Toe Touches:

Flat Abs Workout for women Cross toe Crunches

Elbows should be kept folded in an upright position in front of the face. Getting up into a sitting position, touch one foot at one time, and repeat the same on the other side. Repeat the exercise for 1:20 seconds.  

Single Leg Lifts:

Lying on the back raises your body from both sides, keeping your arms straight and touching both hands beneath the thigh. Keep repeating on either side one by one for 5:50 seconds.

Plank Hip Dips:

Flat Abs Workout for Women Hip Dips

Lying in an inverted position balance your body weight on the toes and arms by folding the elbows. Now tilt on one side once done, repeat on the other side. The required time for this exercise is 9:20.

Side Plank:

Lying by taking a side balance your body weight on the side of the knee and one arm in a folded position putting weight on the elbow. Now raise your body in the middle. The time duration for this exercise is 8:20 seconds.


As discussed above Flat Abs Workout for women can be very helpful to all those health enthusiast ladies looking for flat abs. One can perform them at the ease of one’s house. 

The best thing is that one does not need to invest much time in this workout. Keeping 10 minutes for this exercise regime can do wonders for you.

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