Unlock Your Potential with Advanced HIIT Exercises

An intense workout followed by equal rest intervals to make the body relax and recover is what Advanced HIIT Exercises stand for. This workout is about challenging yourself. 

Once you are able to break your limits and become part of this intense workout it does not take much long to see the wonders. These exercises basically focus on increased cardio activity. Working on good heart health burns fat too which aids weight loss. 

Which promises good health always. When intense exercises are followed by rest intervals the body gets a proper chance to deal with and repair all wear and tear. Otherwise, if there are no proper rest intervals the body can face utter shock, cramps, stiffness, etc. This can make the individuals lose interest in the workout totally.

 Advanced HIIT Exercises

Although all exercises are followed by equal rest intervals, if one does not feel comfortable they can extend it accordingly.

In this article, we will discuss Advanced Hiit Exercises which can help in keeping your body healthy and active but before that, there is a question arises does this workout really work? 

The answer to this question is yes, it does work. This workout can help in decreasing body fat. 

It makes cardiovascular function well. It increases stamina and builds endurance. It has many options to offer, for improving health. The less time investment is what makes it more favorite with health enthusiasts. 

The rest periods help the body recover the earliest. One does not need to devote a special time for recovery as it keeps happening throughout the workout regime. 

Different Types of Advanced HIIT Exercises :

The various options available for Advanced HIIT Exercises can help one achieve fitness goals. A 20-second exercise has to be followed by 20 seconds of rest adding up to 4 sets.  

Squat Jacks:

Form a squat posture and keep your arms folded straight in front at some distance and keep your legs apart, alternatively, keep pushing your legs towards the outside and keep hopping. Carry on for 20 seconds.

Squat Jacks  Advanced HIIT Exercises

Push Ups w Oblique Knee:

Facing the floor lie down on the floor now rise up putting your weight on the palms and toes. 

Now rise and go back to the initial position. Special attention should be given to inhaling and exhaling. Maintain a balanced breathing pattern. When in a raised position, bend one leg to touch the elbow. 

Keep repeating on alternative sides. Time and rest intervals have to be maintained at 20 seconds each.

Star Jumps:

Keep your legs folded and form a sitting position on the floor. Now place your hands at your feet. Now jump into a standing position exploding arms and feet outside. 

Without stopping, maintain an equal speed. The head should be kept up and back straight. Keep the body stiff. 

Once done, keep doing the exercise without stopping for  10 repetitions. Take a rest for 1 minute and repeat. 

Star Jumps

This is a very good exercise for a good heart rate. It is a great way to burn calories too. In the beginning 3 sets are followed with 1-minute rest, each time is good.

Mountain Climbers:

Mountain climber exercise is also a good cardio exercise. Place your body in an inverted position and now put weight on the hands as a plank position. 

The upper body should be kept high and the legs folded. Now move each leg alternatively as climbing a mountain. 

Once the exercise speeds up, start doing it as fast as you can. 2 minutes of vigorous exercise should be followed by 2 minutes of rest interval. 

Thigh Slap Jumps:

Jump upside pushing with force. It should be as high as you can. When in the air bringing hands above the knees slap on the thighs. 

Thigh Slap Jumps

Hands should be placed in a way that the landing should be soft and smooth. Momentum should be carried downwards too. Keep doing it for 2 minutes and then take a rest for 2 minutes.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Advanced HIIT Exercises bring many health benefits and that too in a less time investment. The HIIT workout exercises increase cardiovascular activity and burn fat too. It is always advised to listen to your body but if you are a beginner always start with a little less intensity and you can always increase it with time. Putting the body into intense action could sometimes bring more negatives than positives.

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