This summer show your lean body by doing these Beachbody HIIT Workouts

This summer show your lean body by doing these Beachbody HIIT workouts that give a cardio boost to your body. On one hand, it increases heart activity and on the other side, it burns calories. 

It is a good option for weight loss, health management, and maintaining optimum blood pressure. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval training. The time intervals are properly divided between intense workout periods followed by rest periods to repair the body.

A perfect-figured body is something that everyone aspires to. A lean body can be a by-product of HIIT. Toned abs, legs, and arms are something that everybody wants to achieve. 

HIIT allows you to burn a whole lot of fat and in return keeps the promise of a toned body.  The best thing about this workout is the shorter period of time. One does not need to put much time as it can vary between 5-30 minutes with a promising return.

Beachbody Hiit workouts

Beachbody HIIT Workouts: Points to Consider

Certain things to keep in mind when you want to gain a lean body with Beachbody HIIT workouts:

  • Continuity- First and foremost one must remember that nothing happens overnight. One needs to continue the same routine for months in order to achieve a lean body. The activity has to be carried out for months to achieve the goal.
  • Zeal-Zeal to do something and finally achieve the perfect body has to be maintained.
  • Interest- Interest plays a foundation stone the more you are interested in a perfect beach body the more you will work for it. 
  • Regularity- Be regular with your routine. The more you practice, the more you get the results. 

Areas Targeted:

HIIT workout targets different body parts at one time as it does not aim at specific body parts to work on. Weight loss and toning take place at the same time. HIIT works on:

Building Stamina:

The more you work intensely, the more it builds up your stamina. It makes the body ready and adaptable for healthy changes.

Good Cardiovascular Activity:

The best effect can be seen as increased cardiovascular activity. HIIT works for good heart health. It increases blood flow. This makes the circulation better.

Beachbody Hiit workouts


Nice Abs are something that defines a perfect beach body. Who does not want such a body? HIIT works on this and helps you achieve a lean body. When accompanied by a healthy diet visible changes can be seen.


Various parts of the legs are targeted differently and individually. Legs have different muscles, and so is the workout needed. For different parts, specially designed exercises are recommended.


The triceps, biceps, and shoulders are targeted individually. A little flab on the arms can ruin the perfect beach body looks. 

This summer show your lean body by doing these Beachbody HIIT workouts: Equipment vs non-equipment exercises-

Both equipment and without-equipment exercises are done in HIIT workouts. Some exercises just need to be performed by doing certain body postures while some may require dumbbells, elliptical, rope, etc. 

Different exercises target different muscle groups. The whole exercise and its repetitions are dependent on the proper division of time. Intense workout followed by proper rest periods.

This summer show your lean body by doing these Beachbody HIIT workouts: Exercises included



Beachbody Hiit workouts

When beginning any exercise it’s always good to warm up. Jogging could be a good option. Warming up sends your body a message that there is going to be some activity for which it has to be ready. On the other hand, all body muscles and organs become active. 

A nice on-the-spot jogging could be a perfect warm-up for the body. It will help the body sweat and give it signals to get ready for the upcoming exercise regime.1 minute of jogging can get the body ready for a workout. 


Once the body starts sweating after jogging, individuals can start stretching to get muscles relaxed for doing the workout. Stretching can be done in 1-2 minutes. 

When stretching, the focus should be on the arms, legs, and shoulders simultaneously. Different stretches like a shoulder roll, arm circle, hamstring stretch, etc can be done. It will help muscles get ready for the coming intense workout. 

Otherwise, if everything is at rest and there is a sudden push with an intense workout it may lead to body cramps and pains.

Lateral Lunges With Resistance Bands:

Lateral Lunges With Resistance Bands:

This exercise targets mainly the legs. The use of resistance bands builds endurance and stamina. With resistance muscles are built.

This exercise is done by placing the resistance band around the ankles by keeping the feet at shoulder width. Step to either side into a lateral lunge then from heels come to starting position. Repeat the same on the other side. Take one minute to do each side.

Tabata Sprints

Tabata owes its roots to Japan. This exercise originated from research carried out in Japan. Tabata is an extreme HIIT. The whole exercise is designed on a sequence of high-level intense exercise time intervals followed by short rest intervals which work as a repair time for the body.

It follows the simple mechanism of exercise-rest-exercise and repeats. Four-minute time interval has been found to be an ideal time for carrying out this exercise. The exercise has been designed in a way so that measurable gains can be achieved. 

This exercise works by an intense workout for 20 seconds followed by a rest of 10 seconds. When repeated for 4 minutes almost 8 cycles of 30 seconds make the ideal exercise. The exercise is hard but is very effective cardio and builds stamina. 

Surfer Squats

Surfer Squats

Squats aim for the whole body altogether. Surfer squats are different from traditional squats as the presence of sand provides resistance for the performer. 

Stand by keeping feet shoulder-width apart. Move into a squat position then jump and come back to the squat position. This has to be repeated continuously for 1 minute.

Plank With Toe Drags

This exercise mainly aims at the abs and core of the body. The presence of sand helps create resistance. This exercise is done by coming into the plank position and then placing toes into the sand. 

Move your knees towards your chest and then get back to the initial position. Now repeat on the alternate side. The total time should be 1 minute.

Cool Down:

Once the main workout is done the body needs a proper cool-down time which could be around 5 minutes. 

This time is very important as it provides a proper chance to recover and prevent any injuries which might have developed during the workout.

Benefits of Beachbody HIIT Workout

HIIT workout in itself has so many benefits and when doing it on the beach side the benefits increase manyfold.

Extra  Calories burn: 

HIIT workout is already extreme in itself when done on the beach side it increases the resistance and endurance to a great level. The body has to work hard to reach the goal. Which in turn burns loads of calories as compared to a normal workout. 

Improves coordination:

This workout helps you to increase balance and coordination.


As discussed above, This summer shows your lean body by doing these Beachbody HIIT workouts that have an impact on your cardiovascular activity. Increased heart activity helps in calorie burn, reduces weight, and controls blood pressure too.

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