This 20 Min Outdoor HIIT Workout Will Increase Your Metabolism And Shred Fat

This 20 min outdoor HIIT workout will increase your metabolism and shred fat by toning and strengthening muscles and connective tissues of your body. Just by investing a few minutes, you can treat your body with so many health benefits.

As a total package, the HIIT workout promises many health benefits and when done outdoors builds endurance, stamina, and mental relaxation. It takes your cardio to a different level.

With a full body workout, all body parts are aimed at. These exercises tone your body and the icing on the cake is the weight loss that gives you a perfect body shape.

Every exercise included in HIIT increases cardiovascular activity. The heart functioning develops with HIIT workout. Oxygen levels are also improved.

In this article we will discuss, 20 min outdoor HIIT workout will increase your metabolism and shred fat thus promising long-term positive outcomes.

HIIT Workout

What is a HIIT workout?

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval, the high-intensity exercises are followed by rest intervals to provide the body with ample chances to rest and repair.

This exercise aims at various health benefits but what makes it stand out from other exercise regimes is the time one needs to devote to doing this workout. It provides more benefits in less time.

20-Min Outdoor HIIT Workout: The Merits

  • It is good for heart functioning as the intense workout increases the heart rate and as a result, aims at better cardiovascular activity.
  • The calorie burn results in reducing the extra weight and helps maintain a healthy weight.
  • As less time is needed to do this exercise people with busy lifestyles can always opt for it.
  • This workout aims to maintain optimum blood pressure as a by-product of better cardiovascular activity.
  • This workout Improves insulin sensitivity and thus balances sugar levels. An ideal sugar level is good for the overall functioning of the body functions.
  • Increased heart activity Improves blood circulation.
  • Oxygen levels are also improved due to increased cardiovascular activity.

Where can be HIIT Outdoor Workouts done:

HIIT Workout

Outdoor exercise is mind relaxing to a different level when you do indoor exercise. They are good for the body but sometimes become boring for the mind and eyes. 

The case is not similar to HIIT outdoor workouts. One the exercise is intense and when you are outdoors you get access to fresh air. You see nature around you. 

You can see different individuals around you. This helps your brain release happy hormones thus making you feel good! Various places which you can choose for exercising can include a beach, a park, maybe the garden or the terrace of your house.

The only requirements are free space and a focused mind. With this, you have miles to go! 

The required time duration:

The HIIT workout can range between 5-30 minutes. The workout and rest intervals are divided into different ranges. 

In the beginning, you can always opt for 30 seconds of intense workout followed by 30 seconds of recovery period i.e rest interval. Then repeat the next session. 

HIIT Workout

But as you gain experience the rest interval could be decreased to 10 seconds. 30 seconds of intense workout followed by 10 seconds of rest period. 

How much time duration is ideal?

A 20-minute workout can be considered an ideal time duration. This workout provides both cardio and weight loss benefits. 20 minutes can be considered more than enough. 

The HIIT workout results in excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This is also called ‘afterburn’. This in turn boosts the metabolism for a longer period of time, which could even last for as long as 48 hours.

A 20-minute dedicated small-time investment in your daily routine can create wonders! A small lifestyle change promises long-term benefits.


Every exercise could be repeated up to 5 times in order to get the desired results. If you are following 4 exercises and all of them are repeated for 5 sessions it will take you to the desired timing of both workouts followed by rest intervals.


The first and most important thing to be considered as a nice warm-up. Once you start with it your body gets a signal to get active which otherwise may be at rest. In absence of a good warm up the body and specifically, the muscles can go into utter shock thus causing body stiffness, cramps, pains, etc. So it’s always good to start with a warmup that initially soothes your body and mind before kicking the HIIT workout. 

It includes:

Outdoor HIIT Workout

Spot jogging

You can jog by standing in the same spot for almost 2-5 minutes which will help the brain pass signals to the body to become active. It gives a rush to the blood too. 


In order to keep your body safe from muscle pull during intensive workouts one should always opt for stretching. Legs, arms, and shoulders should be properly stretched before beginning the main workout. 

Arm swinging

This makes the arms ready for a vigorous workout and as a result rule out any possibility of muscle pull.  


Squats also help overall body muscles to get ready and face the body tension which is created by intense workouts later on. 

Outdoor HIIT Workout Exercises are-

Outdoor HIIT Workout

Jumping Jacks

Stand straight by keeping your legs together. Arms should be kept on the side. Now jump in the air by keeping your knees bent slightly. 

While jumping, spread your legs shoulder-width apart and stretch your arms over your head. Once done, come back to the initial position. Repeat again for almost 30 seconds and then rest for the repair interval.


Keeping the feet at shoulder width apart with knees bent and back straight. Lower down hands on the floor. Now balancing the weight on your hands kick backward. 

Back should be kept straight. Jump and come back to the initial position. Now stand straight by keeping your hands over your head. Jump back to the starting position. Then repeat for the desired time. Take rest after every repetition.


Keep hands shoulder width apart and get down on both hands and feet together. Keep legs and arms straight. Touch the floor with your chest by lowering down the body. Stop in that position for some time and push the body back. Now repeat as desired. Take the rest slot.

Side-to-Side Squats:

Keep feet at a hip distance, and sit back with bending knees into the squat position. Always keep your back straight. 

Abs should be kept tight. Staying in a squat position step wide to one side now repeat the same on your other side. 

Putting pressure on the lower body comes back to the starting position. Keep repeating the same for the assigned time. Now rest and use the repair time.  

Outdoor HIIT Workout

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above, This 20 min outdoor HIIT workout will increase your metabolism, shred fat, and help you relax mentally and physically. 

It offers you an opportunity to burn calories, tone muscles, build stamina, and promise good heart health with the help of a workout that does not even require fancy equipment. 

Just by going outdoors and performing various exercises, you can enjoy the benefits. So get up, what are you waiting for?

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