Thigh Gap: Top 5 Thigh Gap Workouts – Ways to Get a Thigh Gap

When it comes to perfectly toned legs Thigh Gap is considered to be a paradigm of beauty especially when it comes to a female body.

More-skinned women tend to have better thigh gaps in comparison to others. Such women are considered to match some specific standards of beauty.

With more use of these terms in the last few years this standard has gained popularity among the masses.

People with intensified curiosity look for ways to achieve a nice thigh gap just to achieve the trend and match up to the standard of beauty.

In this article, we will discuss the concept of thigh gaps, workouts to get a thigh gap and various aspects related to it.

Thigh Gap: The Concept-

A thigh Gap can be described as the space between the inner thighs that is formed when one stands straight keeping the feet touching.

It is more connected to physical health than inner health. It instigates the idea of toned thighs with lesser or no fat accumulation.

A thigh gap can mainly be seen in people with a normal weight or a skinny body.

Another factor influencing the thigh gap is the physical outlook of the hips. If it’s wide there will be a thigh gap. Little to no accumulated fat on the thighs also ensures a nice thigh gap.

Women doing Thigh Gap Workout

Although the presence of a thigh gap could not be possible for everyone, as it is just in saying. Women have more fat on their thighs as compared to men which makes it difficult to have a thigh gap as easy as it seems to.

With an ideal weight, another point on which the thigh gap may depend could be particular genetic traits and bone structure. One who is skinny and slim has more chance of having a thigh gap.

In today’s time, many cultures consider this as a mark of beauty. Many times to achieve this, people go for exercise, treatments, and even surgeries many times.

Thigh Gap How it  All Emerged?

The thigh gap has its roots of emergence in 2012 when in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this concept was brought forth.

As soon the idea gained momentum backed with online platforms it has seen tremendous growth. With time people have started considering it an important female trait.

Thigh Gap: Safe Ways TO Achieve One-

Several times it is seen that individuals have a goal of getting a visible thigh gap but do not know what to do and in the absence of good knowledge they start taking steps that bring more negatives than positives.

One such myth is going for a hard diet. But the truth is something else in this case although a good diet supported by a well-designed workout has visible results to show.

Some cosmetic clinics offer surgical and cosmetic treatments to individuals seeking a visible thigh gap.

But as far as the most recommended way is considered, a good workout is the safest and has a long way to go.

Top 5 Thigh Gap Workout: The Regime 

Following are the top 5 thigh gap workouts to keep one back and help one achieve the desired thigh gap one aspires for.

If you have any queries in mind you can take guidance from a professional before beginning. Always listen to your body before starting. Do a nice warm and follow the workout regime. The various exercises are:

Butterfly Exercise:

Butterfly Exercise Thigh Gap Workout

Doing this exercise, in the beginning, will make the muscles flexible and get them ready for the upcoming workout ruling the point of forces getting twitched with a sudden shock.

For doing this workout sit down by keeping your back straight. Sit cross legs bending the knees. Feet should be kept together. Heels should be as close to the pelvis as possible.

Now move your thighs up and down carrying on for 10 -15 times. Once done, open your crossed legs into straight ones and relax.

Crossover Scissor kicks:

This workout is an add-on to simple scissor kicks that target the lower body. But when compiled with the crossover the workout targets the inner thighs commendably.

For doing the exercise lie down on the back. Place the hands under the bottom. Keep the legs straight and fully stretched now start moving the legs in a crossover manner. Repeat the whole exercise 15-20 times.

Sumo Squats:

Sumo Squats Workout

Sumo squats are one of those exercises that work on the principle of stamina building. It targets various body parts at once. When looking for a thigh gap this exercise is highly recommended.

For doing the exercise stand by keeping the legs shoulder width apart. Arms should be kept in front of the chest stretching outward.

Keeping the back straight lower the body until the thighs. The thighs should be parallel to the ground at this time. The knees should be in a straight line to the ankles.

Now return back to the initial position. Repeat the whole exercise 20 times.

Jumping Jacks:

One needs a lot of energy for doing this exercise. Various muscles are indulged in this exercise at the same time.

This workout enjoys high-time popularity when it comes to achieving a thigh gap and targeting inner thigh fat burn.

For doing the exercise, stand straight and then jump up, extending your legs and arms outward at the same time. Done that land swiftly to the initial position. Repeat 15 times.

Bridge Raises:

Bridge Raises Workout

This workout targets the inner thighs and helps ward off the stubborn fat from these areas.

This exercise engages the inner and outer thighs and glutes, helping to tone the area and improve balance.

For doing the exercise lie down on the mat keeping the back towards the floor. Now bend the knees keeping the feet flat and firm on the floor.

Lift the body from the waist and maintain balance on the arms and shoulders. Stay there for a few seconds and return back to the initial position. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Thigh Gap: Top 5 Thigh Gap Workout brings you the available options of various exercises to help achieve a visible thigh gap. One can burn those extra fats and tone the muscles to achieve the desired outcome.


Q1: Can everyone have a thigh gap?

Everybody cannot have a thigh gap. There are various reasons behind this. First and foremost how healthy one is determines the presence of a thigh gap. Then genes are also responsible for the specific body structure. Few people have thigh gaps in their natural body structure. 


Q2. How can I slim my inner thighs?

A proper workout regime aided with a balanced diet can help get slim inner thighs. Lifestyle change ensures fit and toned thighs.

Q3: Does walking reduce thigh fat?

Yes, walking is considered to be beneficial when it comes to reducing thigh fat. A brisk walk every day can be rewarding. 


Q4: Can we reduce thigh fat in a week?

As thigh fat is considered to be one of the most stubborn fats that get accumulated with time it requires a lot of time to wave off too. But toning of the thighs can begin in a week only. Results will take time to appear. 

You may not be able to reduce thigh fat immediately, but you can begin to tone it. Maintaining an active lifestyle through regular exercise and a nutritious diet can help tone and strengthen thighs and calves while also reducing overall body fat.

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