The Hiit Yoga Workout: A Top N Guide

HIIT workout has so many benefits to offer as it builds strength and aids good heart health. But when paired with Yoga the benefits increase manifold. 

The Hiit Power Yoga Workout is a breakthrough for those who aspire to good health by investing less time than any other workout. As HIIT exercises demand a good amount of activity the other part i.e. yoga soothes both body and mind. 

In today’s highly demanding and busy life, most people look for an effective workout, just integrating this type of regime into your weekly workout can create wonders as it promises so many health benefits.

hiit yoga workout

At the end of the day what matters is what your body needs. Before you get going, listen to your body and then wisely choose what works for you. 

In this article, we will discuss The HIIT Yoga Workout and its various benefits.

Benefits of HIIT Yoga Workout:

It Targets both mind and body:

The best thing this combination offers is that it works on the body, both physically and mentally. 

The intense workout makes your heart function properly as it works on making blood circulation good. 

When it comes to yoga, firstly it heals your mind and secondly, the timeless workout postures, make your body flexible and burn calories too. 

It helps to build consistency: 

When one is offered a workout that promises so many benefits it makes you feel motivated and you do it every day. This motivation helps build consistency. 

One differentiating factor is that it can be done in small time intervals. Which makes it time-saving too. 

On the contrary, if a workout demands more time people tend not to accomplish it for a very long time. This is where HIIT comes in. One can do a HIIT Yoga Workout for even just seven minutes and get results sometimes equal to or many times better than other counterparts.

yoga exercise

A Complete Workout:

When yoga and HIIT are combined it has a positive impact on muscle building and cardiovascular functioning. 

The more strong muscles one has, the more the body remains protected and safe from any possible muscle cramps or loss. HIIT workout when accompanied by yoga connects to breath. 

Which directly has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system. 

Long Time Effect:

When an intense workout is aided by Yoga the long-time refreshing feeling it gives you is beyond imagination. 

A person with a relaxed mind and body feels light and refreshed for long periods of time. It promises a relaxed state of mind. 

How often should you do a HIIT workout?

Backed by research, a workout five days a week is a good idea. Here being consistent is what one requires. But always listen to your body. In any case, do not over exceed anything. 

Once one develops a habit to work out and with time the stamina is built, timings can be customized accordingly. 

HIIT workouts point mainly to Muscle Fibres but when combined with yoga it becomes a full package providing benefits for both body and mind.

Defining The HIIT Yoga Workout:

HIIT yoga workout is an exercise regime that includes high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and yoga asana practice in a single workout. 

yoga workout

In HIIT workouts intense slots of exercise are followed by rest intervals. These intervals help the body heal and gain energy for the next exercise. 

This workout is designed in a way that burns fat more quickly by keeping the heart rate up. Hence more oxygen is required during the recovery period. 

HIIT yoga practice needs very less time which mostly is 15 to 20 minutes. Combining yoga with HIIT has many advantages. 

It implies less strain on knees and other joints than HIIT exercise if done alone. It is a complete workout with very little time investment. Totally different from traditional exercise and yoga. 

When a connection is developed between muscles and the breath through yoga+exercise it leaves the individual in a relaxed state of body and mind.

There are various exercises when it comes to The HIIT Yoga Workout which can be performed as per one’s choice. To mention some exercises are as follows:

Yoga burpees: 

Keeping toes and knees pointing in one direction forms a squat position. Putting hands in front of the feet, jump and bend down making a downward dog posture.  Jump again and come back to the squat position. Then repeat for the desired stretch of time. 

hiit yoga workout
Yoga jumping jacks:

Make a chair pose and jump into making a goddess pose. The knees should be bent each time you land. If you have some knee-related issue and you prefer low-impact exercise jumping can be skipped. Simply work out by doing normal squats. The breathing style has to be monitored regularly. 

Yoga push-ups:

Yoga push-ups provide strength to muscles. It works on almost all the body parts from shoulders to chest and core etc. A yoga push-up is made up of a plank pose and chaturanga dandasana. 

To include these poses together, start by forming a plank position and then slowly lower down to the ground keeping the body straight. Here a very important thing to emphasize is that breath movement has to be watched properly.    


As discussed above The HIIT Yoga Workout is a wonderful exercise regime as it works both on body and mind. 

The availability of good breathing patterns works as a boon for the nervous system too. Anybody who wants to get more benefits in less time can choose this workout. 

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