The Best Push Day Workout for You, Build Muscle & Strength

Health enthusiasts’ workout success highly depends on planning as it plays a very important role when it comes to building muscles, strength, and a good body. Splitting the various exercise sections helps one target different body parts separately. The individual can particularly aim at upper body muscles and lower body muscles by splitting the exercise routine.

In this article, we will discuss The Best Push Day Workout for You, Build Muscle & Strength, and various aspects related to it.

What Is a Push Day Workout?

A push-day workout consists of exercises that include pushing motion. The upper body is targeted in this workout.

Push Day Workout- the Lower Body Muscle Groups:

The muscles that fall under lower body muscle groups are located below the hips. The Lower Body Muscles are:

  • Glutes
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves

Push Day Workout: Splitting the exercise routine-

The splitting of workouts is different for every individual. It depends on the individual how effectively they can mark up the difference and plan the workout.

The splitting depends on situations and goals one has decided for.

Push Day Workout the benefits:

As already discussed there is no specific rule when it comes to splitting the workout. It totally depends on one’s personal preference and capacity. In the end, it is not about how one divides or splits the workout rather it is how one benefits from it. The various benefits of the workout are:

Targeting Lower Muscles Conveniently:

The first benefit of a well-planned push-day workout is that it helps to target specific muscles.

When following a particular workout on a specific day and others in the days between, a recovery time is automatically provided to the earlier targeted muscles.

The alternative days work as recovery portions for priorly targeted sections. This helps to create a balance between the various muscle groups. Which as a result helps to target all body muscles.

Providing The Balance:

When push day workout is followed after proper planning which helps to keep specific days for the workout, there is no chance of one muscle group growing more than the other.

As many times people are seen just targeting one muscle group i.e. chest or upper body which creates a disbalance and makes the body look uneven too. This makes one section overtrained and another section undertrained. It is advised to maintain a balance when planning a workout.

Provides Easy Planning:

Push Day Workout provides easy planning of the exercise routine. One does not need to be a professional to decide on a workout routine. In comparison to other training splits this workout is easy to organise.

Even if one is not visiting a gym the routine can be easily followed. With a simple understanding of the workout, one can easily follow the plan. The whole concept can be easily executed if the plan is practiced thoroughly.

Women doing Push Day Workout

Push Day Workout: The Various Exercises-

The success of a push-day workout highly depends on choosing the right exercises. It includes various movements and targeting specific muscle groups. Which will eventually help build muscles and strength.

Exercises that help push the load away from the body should be included in the plan.

Although the exercises can be customized as per personal choice, one thing is for sure once the routine is followed religiously overwhelming muscle growth can be seen. The various exercises are:

Bench Press:

For doing this exercise, place the butt on the bench and keep your feet flat on the floor. Bring the bar down facing the chest. Keep the elbows folded. While pushing the bar up and exhaling. Apply more power while using the bar. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.

Lateral Raises:

For doing the exercise drag the cable from arms across your body. Pull the arms doing a sweeping motion. The elbows should be kept bent at this time. Elbows should be kept parallel to the shoulders. Keep repeating 15-20 times.

Chest Fly:

Stand straight, keeping the neck straight. Hands should be placed next to the torso. Keep the elbows a little bent. Arms should be kept in the same position throughout. Make a circle with arms when they come together as big as possible. Carry on for 10-15 repetitions.

Pushing Day Workout vs Pulling Day Workout :

Both workouts target specific muscle groups. The workout is planned depending on pushing the load away in one workout and pulling it towards the body in the other one. The main difference between the two is the use of the weight i.e. pulled or pushed.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above The Best Push Day Workout for You, Build Muscle & Strength provides an insight on different aspects related to the splitting of the exercise routine and its various benefits.

The push-day workout can help one target lower body muscles making them strong which makes the body portion stand out from the other muscles.

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