The Benefits of HIIT Leg Workouts: A Comprehensive Guide

Running short of time but still aspiring for perfectly toned and strong legs! We bring you the best workout regime to keep your legs in the best shape. The Leg Hiit Workout can sail you through. 

A little time investment and a furious workout loaded with a high intensity not just lets your heart pump rapidly but targets almost all parts of your body. To build lower body strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility what can be more rewarding than a Hiit Leg Workout? 

The HIIT workout in itself promises good stamina and high-level resistance. In the beginning, one can always start the workout at a little slow pace followed by equal rest intervals but with time the workout can be transitioned to a fast pace and less duration time intervals. 

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In this article, we will discuss Hiit Leg Workout and various aspects related to it. 

What is a HIIT Leg Workout?

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) when combined with leg workout exercises to make a full lower body and cardiovascular workout package is called a Hiit Leg Workout. 

The HIIT workout is considered best for those people who do not have much time to invest but are serious about maintaining a good lifestyle. 

The basic idea of this workout is woven around intense exercise portions followed by equal rest intervals. 

These rest intervals aim at healing the body and muscles against any possible fatigue or cramps etc. In a way, the rest intervals keep you guarded and help your body deal with all wear and tear.

On one hand, this workout promises good heart health and the leg workout targets and ensures strength to the glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles.  

Unlike other HIIT workouts, the leg HIIT workout could be customized in a way by keeping less duration time intervals which means longer workout intervals compared to the rest intervals. But it is always advised to listen to one’s body. 

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Sometimes one might feel fatigued by keeping less time for rest in that case the rest interval should be decided accordingly. Feeling discomfort in the lower body i.e. ankles, legs, thighs, etc is a signal that one needs a change in the form. 

Always be careful to maintain the quality of the exercise regime, if feeling fatigued, changing the plan should always be considered rather than doing the workout in the wrong way just to finish off. What good will it do? The answer is nothing!

Merits of Hiit Leg Workout:

As it is a known fact that a HIIT workout alone has so many positives to offer. When combined with a leg workout the merits multiply a manifold: 

Calorie Burn and Good Heart Activity:

The workout helps in significant calorie burn and good heart activity. Legs take the whole body weight and help you keep going. 

Research has proved that this less time-consuming workout burns more calories in comparison to other workouts and that too in less time investment. 

Toned Legs:

A good leg height strengthens the various parts of the legs, keeping them toned and ready to take on all activities conveniently. Strong legs are required to keep day-to-day activities sorted as it will not be an exaggeration to say that the legs bear the whole body weight and ensure the body balance too.

Promises a Good Metabolic Rate:

It is claimed by research that this workout increases metabolic rate in comparison to jogging or weight training. 

It maintains a good metabolic rate even after hours of exercise. 

Aids Fat loss:

This workout will not let old fat stay and new fat deposit on your body. After a few months of continuous exercise, you can feel the difference and see how the change from being flabby to being fit.

Various Exercises for Doing a Perfect Hiit Leg Workout:

Before starting any workout just listen to your body and never force things. Begin the exercise with a warmup and then go for the following workout regime:


Squats leg workout

Stand with legs at shoulder width apart now form a half-sitting position and rise up to a straight position. keep repeating. Carry on for 30 seconds and repeat 10 times. Rest for two minutes. 

Front Lunge and Squat Jump:

Make a squat posture now lunge with alternating legs one by one. Keep repeating for 3 minutes. Take rest for 2 minutes once finished. 

Squat and a Calf Raise:

Stand with legs shoulder-width apart. Keep your legs slightly bent now and form a squat position. Keep transitioning from the initial position to the squat. When standing straight, put weight on your toes and form a calf raise after a few seconds and come back on flat feet. 

Lateral Bound and Squat Jump

Looking straight, bend from hips and knees both to keep your knees in line with your toes. 

Bend your knees until your upper legs are parallel to the floor. Keep your legs at a 45 to 90-degree angle to your hips. Keep special attention to breathing patterns. 

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The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Hiit Leg Workout brings you good cardiovascular health and toned legs. It helps build stamina and also increases resistance.

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