Stationary Bike Hiit For Beginners | Fit With Hiit

Stationary Bike Hiit

Stationary bike hiit workout routines are a great way to exercise as this breaks out from the traditional workout biking routine. When stationary biking is combined with hiit it brings more challenges to the health enthusiast.  The simple workout can turn bogus with time as there will not be any change. But with hiit there … Read more

Thigh Gap: Top 5 Thigh Gap Workouts – Ways to Get a Thigh Gap

Thigh Gap

When it comes to perfectly toned legs Thigh Gap is considered to be a paradigm of beauty especially when it comes to a female body. More-skinned women tend to have better thigh gaps in comparison to others. Such women are considered to match some specific standards of beauty. With more use of these terms in … Read more

Bike HIIT Workout for Fat Loss : Burn Fat, Not Time!

Bike HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

With a less time investment and so many benefits to offer, the Bike Hiit Workout for fat loss could be a good choice for people looking for a workout regime to make a difference in their life and get fit and healthy.  The workout is designed in a way to ensure a tough regime that … Read more

30-Minute Pregnancy Hiit Workout at Home

Pregnancy Hiit Workout

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life but at the same time, it is demanding too. One needs a lot of physical and mental strength to smoothly carry on the pregnancy period.  It is always advised to maintain a healthy and good lifestyle backed by proper care. Pregnancy Hiit Workout could be promising … Read more

The Ultimate HIIT Bootcamp Guide: Get Fit, Fast!

Hiit bootcamp workout

Hiit bootcamp workout when listening to these terms several questions starts coming to our mind. Although we come across both these terms many times and they are used interchangeably.  A point to consider here is that both workouts have similarities and dissimilarities to each other.  Both boot camp and Hiit aim at increased heart activity.  … Read more Protection Status