How to do a HIIT Workout on an Elliptical?

HIIT Workout on an Elliptical

Any fitness enthusiast knows the importance of cardio exercises. The HIIT workout mainly focuses on increased cardiovascular activity. Which increases good heart health and keeps you active and energetic.  The HIIT workout stands out from other counterparts due to the time one needs to invest in exercising. These workouts are designed for a short time … Read more

Elevate Your Workout: Transform Your Body with Powerblock Weights

Powerblock Weights

Another word that can easily describe Powerblock weights is adjustable dumbbells. These weights are designed by keeping in mind a very nice idea of decluttering the whole lot of dumbbells that one has to buy when looking for a different range of weights.  Powerblock weights are adjustable and a new innovation of its kind.   In … Read more

Pulled Muscle in Chest : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Pulled Muscle in Chest

Any individual can develop a muscle strain in the chest. There could be varied reasons for initiating a pulled chest muscle.  Depending on various factors like age, physique, and overall body health, professions demanding more physical activity, facing any accident people several times have to face a pulled chest muscle.  Reason what may be but … Read more

Rowing Machine HIIT: Boost Performance and Burn Calories

rowing machine HIIT

If you are looking for a total body workout which will target every part of your body and keep you guarded against many health issues no need of pondering more here is the rowing machine hiit workout brings answers to all your queries.  High-intensity interval training workouts when accompanied by a rowing machine workout can … Read more

20 Minute Hiit Workout at Home

20 Minute Hiit Workout

Being a health enthusiast zeal cannot do alone if one is running short of time. In that case, it could be difficult to convert the zeal into practical action.   In that case, the 20-Minute Hiit Workout could be an answer to all your worries. This workout promises a healthy and fit body just by investing … Read more

Keto and Hiit : Can You Do Both ?

Keto and Hiit

When looking for wholesome outcomes and achieving a healthy body, both diet and exercise are equally important; you cannot reach your target just by focusing on one.  Many times we come across ideas like considering 50-50 percent of both but that will be incorrect, as you need to give 100 percent of both exercise and … Read more

3 Balance Board Workout Exercises to Try Today

 Balance Board

As the name suggests Balance Board Workout includes a balance board as a tool to train oneself and develop balancing skills in a more polished way.  As the surface is not so stable it helps to build resistance, patience and endurance.  While all this happens the muscles get strong and body balance increases manifold.    … Read more Protection Status