Step Aerobics: The Secret to Burning Calories and Sculpting Your Body

When looking for wholesome benefits altogether what is better than Step Aerobics? Aerobic exercises use more oxygen in comparison to other exercises thus keeping your heart working at a higher pace. 

In this article, we will discuss Step Aerobics and various aspects related to it. 

Step Aerobics The Concept:

Step Aerobics is an extension of normal aerobics which involves stepping on a raised platform repeatedly. 

While doing this the oxygen demand of the body increases manifold which gives rise to good cardiovascular activity and hence works positively for heart health. 

This workout keeps your heart pumping. This affects overall health positively. You can opt for this workout as per your personal capability and interest.

The workout can be done at the ease of home as you just need one step board and then you are good to go.

Step Aerobics Points To Remember:

Chose a non-slip good quality step:

Before choosing a step check that it should be of non-slip good quality. This will ensure safety.

Practice on the floor before going for a step: 

It is always advised to practice on the floor before going for a step. It will help in balance training. It’s about taking the correct one. Once the individual gets comfortable and has enough experience a raised surface can be chosen. 

Chose a Height According To Your Comfort:

Choose the height of the step which will not cause pain in the knees and back. This largely depends on one’s fitness level and expertise. The step height can range between 4-10 inches. The main point here is comfort. 

Women doing Step Aerobics

Concentrate On Steps:

While stepping on the board take a complete step. The step should be placed on the step board rather than on the edges. 

Don’t Pound: 

Place the foot on the step swiftly. Do not pounce or jump. This helps to maintain the balance. Use soft steps.

Take small steps:

While getting off the platform maintain balance and do not keep your feet at a bigger difference. This gives the body proper time to balance itself. 

Powerblock Weight Kickback:

For doing this exercise, stand in a straight position. Now keep one leg straight and position the other leg in a bent position on the bench. 

Hold the dumbbell on the opposite side hand and dumbbell press, taking the hand towards the back. 

Keep repeating for 2 minutes. Once done, do the same on the other side for 2 minutes. This exercise targets the tricep muscles. 

Step Aerobics Workout:

Always start with a good warm-up. This will make the body ready and muscles flexible for the upcoming workout. The various  step exercises are:

Basic Right and Left Foot Stepping:

Stand straight near the platform or step you want to exercise on. Now step onto the step with your right foot. Now step with the left foot. Next step down backward with the right foot. 

Finally, step down backward with the left foot. Continue for 2 minutes. Once done, repeat the same by starting with the left foot. 

Step Aerobics workout

Turnstep Move:

For doing this exercise stand near the step sideways. Now step on the platform with the right foot. 

Turn while stepping the left foot up. Step down with the right foot. Now bring the left foot down to meet the right one. Continue the exercise for 2 minutes. 

A-step move:

Stand next to the step taking a sideways. Jump with an alternate foot onto the step at the center one by one. Step down to the opposite side when getting off the platform. Keep doing the exercise for 2 minutes.

Across the top move:

For doing this exercise stand by keeping the face sideways. Step onto the step from sideways. Now step with the left foot. 

Step off from the opposite side one by one keeping each foot down one by one. Repeat the same turning on other sideways. Continue for 2 minutes. 


For doing this exercise step onto the step with the right foot to the left side of the step. Step forward with the left foot and raise your knee and kick the floor.  

Step the left foot back. Now backward and lunge back with the right foot. Now repeat the same with the other side. 

Step the right foot off the far side of the step. Step off with the left foot.

Step Aerobics: The Benefits

  • It works positively for an individual’s physical fitness. 
  • It has overwhelming benefits and can help one get rid of stubborn fat aiding good weight loss. 
  • As there is good heart activity it strengthens the cardiovascular health.
  • It increases lung capacity. 
  • It helps to build metabolism.
  • It helps in maintaining a good body balance.
Aerobics workout

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Step Aerobics is a wonderful extension of aerobic workouts that aims at a good heart activity and helps in maintaining good physical health.  One can choose a good platform keeping a few important points in mind. 

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