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Stationary bike hiit workout routines are a great way to exercise as this breaks out from the traditional workout biking routine. When stationary biking is combined with hiit it brings more challenges to the health enthusiast. 

The simple workout can turn bogus with time as there will not be any change. But with hiit there is a change in intensity, routine and above all rest intervals are also added. 

The shift from one thing to another will always recharge one’s body and mind and keep them engrossed. As a result, one gets a healthy body.  

In this article, we will discuss Stationary Bike Hiit and its benefits.

What is a Stationary Bike Hiit?

A power-packed package of power, speed and effectiveness, the stationary bike HIIT workout is a combination of various exercises and biking to keep your heart super active. 

A good cardiovascular activity aids heart health, burns calories and helps lose stubborn weight and keeps one engaged and motivated too! 

Hiit Sprint Workout

The workout is well-supported being an indoor workout. One does not need to visit the gym to do this workout. In this case, convenience is another add-on. Just stay at the ease of your home and enjoy the workout. 

Stationary Bike Hiit Merits

Provides Good Cardiovascular Health:

This workout supports good heart health. The high-intensity workout demands more oxygen for which the heart pumps blood actively. This activity ensures good heart health. Studies show that people doing this workout have less risk of heart problems and deaths from heart diseases also decreased notably.

Helps in Maintaining Optimum Blood Pressure:

Good heart health keeps one safe from high BP too. Studies show that the changes i.e. lowering of BP have been seen in a period of 3 to 6 months in people with high blood pressure.  

This workout keeps BP in control in people with type 2 diabetes. 

High-Calorie Burn and Fat Loss:

Good heart activity directly impacts calorie burn positively. When there is more calorie burn it aids weight loss. 

This workout targets many things at one time. The need for a good workout regime is not something that we don’t know these days. 

This workout increases metabolic rate, builds muscles, builds stamina and burns fat.  

Highly Adaptable:

This is a very adaptive workout.  The health seeker can change the length and intensity of exercise according to their needs and requirements. 

Research says that a person can burn up to 300 calories per hour with moderate exercise but if the intensity is increased the results could be insane.

Improves Mental Health:

Studies have shown that this workout helps keep depression and anxiety at bay. People doing this workout feel light and remain cheerful for long hours. It improves cognitive functions also.

Easy Going:

This is an outstanding feature although the workout has so much to offer it is not restricted to any age group or body type. 

By just customising here and there anybody can do it. It is often recommended to people who cannot go outdoors but still want to maintain good health.

Space and Environment Friendly:

You just require a little space to keep your bike ready and easy to use. It does not demand a big space to keep it and do the workout. As these bikes work with body force so they don’t create any mess for the environment.

Women doing Hiit Sprint Workout

Develops Motor Skills:

This workout helps to maintain core stability. As it positively impacts motor skills and works on nervous coordination as a result it strengthens body balance. It increases walking ability too.

Good For All:

This is the best thing about this workout: it is easy for all. A beginner can conveniently pick it up just like an experienced person. 

One does not need to master high-level strategies to make this workout part of their life. 

Stationary Bike Hiit: The Regime

This workout is fun and engaging. While doing it the time flies and one does not even come to know when he has done the workout. 

Here are various HIIT workouts one can do in order to get a healthy, toned and fit body: 

Start with a Warm-up:

Start with a gradual warm-up. As this will give a signal to your heart and lungs for the upcoming high-level workout. 

Contrary to this if you start directly body organs may go into a shock. Carry the warm-up for 5 minutes.

Fast Pedalling:

Start with 30 seconds of rhythm pedalling followed by 30 seconds of fast pedalling now return back to the initial pedalling. 

Do this for 2 minutes dividing each section into 30 seconds. Once done, pedal easily for 5 minutes. Followed by rest for 2 minutes.

Track cycling standing starts:

Set the resistance of your bike to a very high level. This will not let you pedal by sitting. Now stand up and pedal. 

This will require a huge lot of effort and strength. 

Pedal with high resistance for 15 seconds followed by 45 seconds of slow seated pedalling. Bring feet to the ground and stop now and repeat again. After 3 times pedal easy for 25 seconds. Rest and repeat two more times.

Women doing Hiit Sprint Workout

Tabata-style intervals:

This workout is divided into a 20-10 ratio, which means 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. 

20 seconds of breathless pedalling followed by 10 seconds of easy pedalling. Carry on for 8 rounds and then pedal easy for 5 minutes. Repeat once more.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Stationary Bike Hiit is an easy workout that comes with so many benefits. One does not need to be very experienced to do this workout. It can be easily done by beginners too. The workout offers convenience as it can be done at ease in your home.

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