Rowing Machine HIIT: Boost Performance and Burn Calories

If you are looking for a total body workout which will target every part of your body and keep you guarded against many health issues no need of pondering more here is the rowing machine hiit workout brings answers to all your queries. 

High-intensity interval training workouts when accompanied by a rowing machine workout can bring wonders to a health enthusiast’s life.  

Hiit Rowing keeps your body fit, and active and helps build stamina and resistance. 

In this article, we will discuss what a rowing machine hiit and the various aspects associated with it. 

What is a Rowing Machine Hiit workout?

A rowing machine hiit workout is an exercise regime that is designed in a way to target various body parts and strengthen the muscles in this process. 

This workout aims at muscle building in the upper body, lower body as well as core. Another important feature of this workout is increasing cardiovascular activity. 

Which is very much required for good heart health. Research has shown that this workout is helpful in burning a good amount of calories which helps in weight loss and fat reduction. 

Individual rowing machines are also called ergs. Every stroke involves both the upper and lower body equally. 

With this workout stamina and strength are built and on other hand muscles are strengthened which improves endurance. Rowing can also benefit your heart and lungs.

Benefits of Rowing Machine workout:

The rowing machine workout alone has so many benefits to offer. It keeps you sorted from toning to fat loss and good heart health. 

Almost all the muscles are at work in a single go. Which adds to calorie burn and therefore aids weight loss also. 

Due to the capability of motion build it is one of the best cardio exercises. 

One another differentiating feature is the low-level stress it lays on the joints. 

This exercise is suitable for people with joint problems. Several times it is recommended to them by medical professionals as the workout does not stress the joints and can be conveniently done by people facing such problems.  

What makes the combination of hiit and rowing machines a perfect workout?

Easy to maintain pace:

It is one of those workouts where the individual can decide when to go fast and when to slow down. 

As it depends on how much power the individual is using. It can be moulded by keeping in mind the points like age and level of health etc. 

Women doing rowing machine hiit workout

Although one does not need to keep changing equipment and set speed etc rather just increasing and decreasing the speed depends on you.

Targeting the whole body at once:

Rowing machine and hiit workout when accompanied together has a great thing to offer as it targets the whole body at once. 

With an elevated heart rate, one encounters calorie burn and weight loss. A proper balance between workout sessions and rest intervals has to be maintained to enjoy the full benefit.

Promises Anaerobic Health: 

As the heart rate is elevated and there’s good cardiovascular activity it strengthens the breathing system too. 

As there are proper rest intervals one can easily push this workout to the length it is required to. Otherwise, such high-intensity workouts are not so easy to practise without any rest. 

In that case, the individual feels fatigued and the motive behind the whole endeavour gets beaten. 

How can a Rowing Machine Hiit workout be designed?  

One should always begin with a warm-up and once the body is ready to go divide the workout into equal intervals i.e. in the beginning always start with 30:30 which means 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds of rest interval.  

Carry on for 3 minutes then in the next section take 4 minutes of exercise and 20 seconds of rest. 

This will raise the heart rate intensely as the workout at this point turns out to be very hard and fast but highly effective. 

Before going for a repetition one can always do an alternative exercise like push-ups or spot jogging which can help the body get ready for the next section. 

Once all this is done a proper mix of various exercises can be done targeting different body parts. In this three things will be included first is rowing second is hiit and third is other exercises. This will turn out to be a multi-exercise workout regime.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Rowing Machine Hiit offers various benefits and keeps the promise of good health. It increases cardiovascular activity, burns calories and helps in weight reduction too. 

The intensity and timings could be decided as per needs and how far the body is adapting to the exercise. 

In the beginning, one can start with slow intensity and later it could be transitioned to high intensity when the pace and stamina have been built.

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