Muffin Top: 8 Effective Exercises to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top

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Exercise and diet have a very important role to play when it comes to a healthy body. In the absence of these two very important things, an individual has to face various health issues both in and out. 

Conditions keep deteriorating with time causing various health threats. If formative steps are not taken on time situations can worsen and lead to non-reversible conditions.  

Muffin Top:

The muffin top can be described as the fat that can be seen hanging over the waistband; the flab is mainly situated on the front belly and can be seen lingering out over the back. 

Many times people have to wear high-waisted lower clothes to keep the fat tucked in. 

Muffin top is also referred to as Love handles many times. This is the stubborn fat that gets deposited around the waist. This fat is further divided into two categories. 

Once this obstinate fat starts to collect it is not easy to get rid of it. It is easily visible once it grows on the sides. 

Muffin Top the Reason it Happens:

The main reason behind it is an unhealthy lifestyle. Not giving proper attention to a balanced diet and a healthy exercise schedule can be marked as the main reason behind the Muffin Top. 

With this genetics also have an important role to play. Sometimes when parents have obesity issues it also gets passed on to the next generation.   

Muffin Top How To Prevent?

Balance is the key when it comes to keeping muffin tops at bay. Ensuring a balanced diet intake and burning more calories than eating one could get a fit and toned body.  

Just by following a balanced diet combined with hiit exercises ensuring good cardio activity and strength training one can lose the stubborn fat and turn muffin top overhang into fit and toned sections of the body. 

Muffin Top: 8 Effective Exercises to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top-

To begin, start with a nice warm-up. Do spot jogging for 3 minutes followed by brisk running across the place you are in. Now do some stretching to make your muscles flexible enough to make them get easily equipped with what is going to happen next. The various exercises are:  

1. Hip Dips:

This exercise directly targets that stubborn fat hanging off your waistline. This exercise is very effective and promises a fit and toned waistline. 

For doing the workout lie down in the plank position keeping the abs tight.  Come down on the forearms keeping the elbows bent down. 

Turn onto one side stacking the other leg on the former one. The opposite hand should be kept on the hip. Now dip the hip towards the floor and lift back. Repeat the same process on both sides alternatively 10 times.

2.  Bicycle Crunches:

If looking for the most effective exercise to prevent muffin tops this exercise will keep you sorted. It targets abs, belly fat, and muffin tops all in a single go. 

For doing the exercise lie down on the floor on the back and bend your knees.  Keep hands behind the head to provide support. 

Keeping one leg straight brings the other knee towards the opposite elbow. 

The stretched leg should not touch the floor. Repeat the same process with the opposite side. Carry on for 2-3 minutes. Once done, take a rest for 2 minutes. 

3.  Butt Lift:

This is an easy exercise to do but it could be fun to do it. Lie down on the back. Keep your feet flat and bend your knees. 

Lift your butt making a straight line from knees to shoulder. Stay in the same position for a few seconds. 

Then lower down to the initial position. Carry on for 2 minutes. Once done, rest for 1 minute. 

4. Hip Twists:

This exercise gets your waist peeled. That’s why it is often referred to as whittler. The excess fat gets peeled with time making one look fit. 

For doing the exercise, get on your forearm forming a plank position. Elbows should be placed aligned with shoulders. The body should be in a straight line. 

Now twist the left hip to touch the floor, and repeat the same with the other side.  Carry on for 2 minutes. Once done, rest for 1 minute.  

5. Candlestick Dipper:

Stand with your back straight. Now get on to your knees. Extend one leg straight to the side. Posture should be watched throughout the exercise. Maintain the balance. 

Bind your fingers after raising the hands above the head. Make Charlie’s Angels pose by keeping the first 2 fingers joined. Now bend from the waist on the other side. 

Stoop low as much as you can. Be parallel to the floor to the extent you feel convenient. Return back to the initial position. Repeat 15 times. Once done, rest for 2 minutes.

6. Spiderman Climbers:

For doing the exercise form a plank position. Keeping the feet hip-width apart, position the elbows in a bent position under the shoulders. 

Now bring the left leg towards the left elbow, wait for a few seconds, and take the leg to the initial position. Repeat with the other side. Continue for 2 minutes once done, rest for 1 minute. 

7. Hip Bridge:

Lie down on the mat on your back. Keep the legs bent. The feet should be flat on the ground. 

Now pushing the heels up from the hips. Maintain the position for a few seconds then return to the starting position. Continue for 3 minutes. Once done, rest for 1 minute. 

8. Sumo Squat With Alternating Leg Check:

Stand straight by keeping feet shoulder-width apart. Make a squat position. 

Maintaining balance, start performing the squats. Now putting weight on one foot firmly raises the other knee towards the ceiling coming out of the squat. Return back to the initial position. 

For the next squat follow the same process with the other leg alternatively. Continue for 15 times. Once done, rest for 2 minutes. 

The Bottom Line: 

As discussed above Muffin Top: 8 Effective Exercises to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top brings to you a sorted list of various exercises to aid your fat loss journey. These exercises can help to wave off the Muffin Top issue thus helping one look fit and toned. 

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It is a known fact that losing any sort of weight can be frustrating and difficult at times. One needs a lot of patience to get rid of the stubborn fat. When done with continuity one can see rewarding results. 

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Yes sometimes skinny people too have muffin tops. Here the reason could be genes if not an unhealthy lifestyle of causing muffin tops. 

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Unhealthy food options, starchy foods, and junk foods are the reasons behind the accumulation of stubborn fat in our bodies. Refined flours and sugars are also among these reasons.

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A balanced diet intake and a properly planned workout can help one get rid of muffin tops naturally. Choosing whole fruits and vegetables is a must. 

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