Jumpstart Your Fitness with HIIT Workouts for Female Beginners

HIIT workout for female beginners brings answers to all your questions regarding the hiit workout and its benefits. 

So women out there stay tuned, we are going to keep you updated and occupied with a wise treat about the hiit workout which has become the talk of the town these days!

When you begin with any exercise regime it could be challenging in many ways but once you follow the exact route things become easy as the workout becomes a part of your lifestyle. HIIT exercise for women to get in shape at home comes with various benefits. But before starting, take help from a professional.

In this article, we will put some light on the HIIT workout for female beginners.

What is a HIIT workout?

 HIIT Workouts for Female Beginners

The full form of hiit is High-intensity interval training. The whole workout is designed on the principles of an intense workout regime followed by rest intervals. 

The rest intervals aim at providing The body with the time required to repair the muscles that might have become tensed otherwise.

It is advised in the beginning to keep the intervals for shorter durations rather than going for longer durations i.e a 30-second intense workout should be followed by a 30 seconds rest interval.

What HIIT Workout Targets?

Ladies, the hiit workout mainly targets your heart. When one is doing an intense workout the heart rate rises up with the increased heart functioning. It affects blood circulation and thus balances blood pressure.

The second thing that this workout target is the body muscles. With this workout, you get toned arms, legs, and Shoulders.

This workout can help in keeping your blood sugar levels balanced. As this workout leads to high-calorie burn it aids in weight loss in return. So it can be said that altogether the hiit workout is impactful as it has many benefits to offer.

Time required:

The best part about this workout is the time you need to do it. The time duration can range somewhere between 5 to 30 minutes.

workout for female

In today’s fast-paced life, you can hear so many people complaining about running short of time. Women in that case are no exception with a lot of advancement and women busy with their careers have less time for themselves.

In such situations, the hiit workout is a boon. This workout offers more benefits in less time as compared to other workouts which might need hours of devotion.

How fit is a HIIT workout for women?

HIIT is a good workout for women. It claims to balance hormones, build muscles and work on bone density positively. The workout is good physically as well as mentally. 

The best thing is mental relaxation which every lady needs the most. Research shows that it burns calories a lot. 

The only thing to be considered is properly designing the timing accordingly.

HIIT workout for female beginners:  Points to follow

  • Body type– It’s always good to know your body before you start any kind of workout. You should be aware of how much your body can bear. You should always start steadily so that your body does not go into a shock of sudden active behavior.
  • Be aware of your health- one should always be aware of one’s health status. A thorough Check before starting an intense workout is advised.
  • Set the rest intervals Accordingly-In the beginning always starts by keeping a longer rest duration but with time you can decrease the rest intervals’ timing.
  • Never ignore your body- while working out you should always be in synchronization with your body. If you feel mentally and physically exhausted at any point you should straight away listen to what your body says.
  • Take professional help- As a beginner, it is always advised to take professional help rather than starting everything on your own.  

The professional will help you by guiding you through all the dos and don’ts related to the workout.

workout for female

He will offer you wise knowledge which will lead you toward a better workout and a good lifestyle change. Once you have gained that knowledge you can take care of your regime yourself.

HIIT workout for female beginners -The Exercises

Warm-up: Warm-up plays a very important role and it should always be done first. When you are a beginner your body is not used to any kind of exercise or workout so, in that case, the importance of warm-up increases manyfold. 

The warm-up helps your body by passing the signals that Something is going to happen and it has to come into active mode.  

If you begin without any warm up the body may land into utter shock. What is happening to it? 

The warm-up exercises:

Jogging: First and foremost start with jogging. This will instantly gear up your body. The happy hormone and help feel-good factor will kick in.

Stretching: Stretch your arms and shoulders this will relax your muscles and reduce tension thus will prepare body muscles for the workout to be done.

Swinging: Swinging legs and arms in and out brings the body into motion thus relaxing the body muscles. The body gets ready for the workout. 

The main workout :


workout for female

Keeping your back straight and feet shoulder-width apart begin with a squat position. Keep your hands low near the floor in front of you inside the feet. 

Putting weight on hands kick feet backside. Maintain push-up position. Jumping on your feet you do a frog kick. Keeping straight head to heels do push-ups. Stand and reach your arms over your head. Jump back to the initial position. After the rest interval repeat.

Knee Push Up

workout for female

Although the exercise is like a push-up only but done on the knees. Start by kneeling down on the knees keeping hands straight in front of you at shoulder width apart. 

Keep your abs tight while bending your arms. By straightening your arms push your torso back. 

Come back to the initial position. Now take the rest interval then repeat. Always concentrate on the form. 

The back should always be kept straight. Keep a check on the core. Divide body weight evenly to avoid any muscle pull.

Don’t forget to breathe easily throughout! 

If you feel that intensity is affecting your postures, wait and rest. Repeat more once your stamina gets built up till that time be a little soft with your body.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks:

Keep your legs together, stand straight, and keep your arms on your sides. Bending your legs jump in the air by stretching your legs at shoulder width apart, stretch your arms out, and bring over your head.

Return back to the initial position. After the rest interval repeat the exercise for the desired time.



Stand by keeping the feet shoulder-width apart and resting your arms on the sides. Bending knees for a sit-down posture and pushing hips backward keep your chest swelled up. 

Don’t let knees bend in. keeping thighs parallel to the ground and staying in the same posture. Push back to the initial position.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers:

In the beginning, always start with a simple form of exercise rather than going for a more strenuous one. 

Keeping the weight evenly between hands and toes start by forming a plank position. Hands should be kept at shoulder width. Keep your head and back straight. Abs should be kept tight. 

Bring your right knee into your chest as far as you can. Once done, keep alternating your knees. while you alternate your legs concentrate on your breathing too. Be cautious about breathing as sometimes while focusing on the knee change you might forget to breathe and hold on to it. 

Always pay attention while changing your legs. Although hard exercise is required, core muscles should be engaged less.

Sometimes when you are exercising with speed you do not concentrate and your toes are not touching the floor. 

It should always be taken care of that toes should touch the floor properly. If your toes don’t touch the floor you may not get all the benefits of this workout altogether. Always balance your weight properly.


HIIT workout for female beginners offers a regimen that could help women gain health by following simple lifestyle changes. The points that stand out are less time requirement and more benefits.

So girls out there what are you waiting for? Get started, the golden workout is waiting!

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