How To Get  A Small Waist and Lose Belly Fat ?

Accumulation of obstinate fat has negative effects on the individual’s body both in and out. 

On one side it poses various health risks like bad heart health, high BP, liver dysfunction, etc. and on the other side, a fatty waistline hinders the overall appearance of the individual. 

Small waist size can keep one more active and energetic throughout the day. A less waist size keeps various health risks at bay. 

Added to health risks, bigger waist size is connected to high mortality rates too. 

Cutting those extra inches on the waist could be easy to aspire for but when it comes to practical dealing, things are quite challenging. 

But it’s always about the first step. Once you take that one step rest will be history!

Get a smaller waist in 10 days

Alone desire to get a small waist wouldn’t work if you do not understand how this whole process takes place. 

One needs specific workouts customized in a way that targets overall weight loss and good health gain. 

Studies show that good waist fat loss is only possible if you target overall body fat loss.

Following a good lifestyle, eating healthy food, and following a good exercise routine can bring the desired results.  

Before starting any routine just make an outline of how many calories you can take every day. 

Food nutrition should also be taken care of. Calorie restriction can also work positively in many cases. 

Aiming at as many calories as you can is another good option. The exercise routine should be followed very strictly. A particular number of hours of exercise is advised. 

How To Get  A Small Waist ?

Another important factor to remember here is that aspiring for a small waist might be a good thing but never run blindly behind it. 

As it is considered very unhealthy and can bring negative results more than positive ones. 

One can focus on losing 1.5 to 2 pounds per week. This is quite attainable if everything goes smoothly. In this case, a nice weight loss on the waist can be expected. 

Small Waist Foods To Avoid:

Eating right could be another important factor when it comes to reducing those extra inches and getting rid of the obstinate fat that does not go away that easily. One should avoid the following foods when looking for  maintaining a smaller waist:

  • Junk food
  • Processed and packaged foods
  • Sugary food products 
  • Soft drinks
  • Refined sugar 
  • Refined flour items
  • Processed baked food items
  • Refined oil etc. 

All the above-mentioned food items should be avoided. Rather more nutrient-loaded food items should be consumed. Diet, in this case, must include green vegetables, coconut or mustard oil, plenty of water, fruits and nuts, pulses, Chicken, fish, milk, and milk products. 

Small Waist exercises | Waist Workout:

You might be wondering how to make your waist smaller. There are a whole lot of exercises to keep you backed in that case. The various exercises are:

Dumbell Side Bend:

This exercise can help in targeting fat loss and stamina build-up in a single exercise. For doing the exercise stand straight by keeping feet at a shoulder width apart. 

Position one hand behind the head and hold a dumbbell in the other palm facing towards the hips. Bend to the side you are holding the dumbbell in.  

Stay in the same position for a few seconds. Keep repeating for 2 minutes. Continue on the alternate side following the same process.

Heel Touchers:

It won’t be wrong to call this exercise a proper toning exercise. This exercise helps to tighten the extra fat on your sides. Which in the long run helps to get one into a proper shape. 

For doing the exercise lie down on your back. Now bend your knees. Arms should be kept at the sides. 

The back and feet should be kept flat on the mat. Now perform a crunch and touch your feet with your left hand and hold in the same position. Now return to the initial position. 

Repeat the whole exercise on the right side. Continue the exercise by alternating the sides for 3 minutes. 

Russian Twist:

Russian twists

This exercise helps in improving balance and builds a strong core too. It has a positive impact on the lower back too. 

For doing the exercise sit on the floor keeping the legs straight out. Now lean towards the backside this will keep the core engaged. 

Torso and legs will form a v shape at this point. Maintaining the balance in this position twist the torso from side to side. Concentrate on breathing too at this point. 

The Bottom Line: 

As discussed above Small Waist can be attained by following various lifestyle changes. You cannot get desired results by just following a single routine change rather proper exercise and a proper healthy diet when included in the routine can bring overwhelming results. 


Q1: Why is having a small waist important?

Ans: Having a small waist is important for both good health and the appealing appearance of the individual. 

Q2:  What can I do for a small waist?

Ans: The best thing to do for a small waist is to go for a lifestyle change. One should focus on taking a balanced diet backed with a proper exercise routine. 

Q3: Can you get a smaller waist without exercise?

Ans: It could be possible in some cases by just following a restrictive diet one can get a smaller waist. But for better results, it is always advised to follow a good diet and exercise both. 

Q4: Does waist size affect health?

Ans: Yes waist size does affect health. The increased waist size gives birth to various health issues like heart disease and type 2 diabetes etc. 

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