How to Get a Bigger Butt Without Exercise: Tips and Tricks

Every individual has a different body structure and type. The butt size also differs from person to person.

Although the bigger or smaller butts highly depend on genetics still many people aspire for bigger butts but run short of time for exercising. Then a question arises: How to get a bigger butt without exercise?

In this article we will discuss How to get a bigger butt without exercise: Tips and Tricks.

How to get a bigger butt without exercise: The different options-

A bigger butt can be achieved only by doing exercise is a myth. Here are the options to break it. There are various other ways that can help one get the desired bigger butt:

  • Choose a Good Lifestyle:

First and foremost a good lifestyle is very important when aspiring for any change in life. One needs to concentrate on rising up, sleeping time, and eating mindfully on time.

  • Include a Balanced Diet:

Include good and balanced diet options. High-protein food items should be consumed. Food products like lean meat and milk products add to good body fat and thus increase the butt size.

In addition to this, junk food and sugary items should be avoided totally. Due to this, saturated fats get deposited into the body which is not easy to deal with. A muscle needs nourishment to grow which is hindered if junk foods are consumed.

To aid muscle growth more organic food options should be included in the diet.

A rewarding food item that can be added is dry fruits as they are a storehouse of good fats which can help in getting a bigger butt.

Adding sweet potatoes to the diet is also a good idea as it contains estrogen in the natural form which has positive effects and can help the butt grow bigger.

  • Consult a Professional:

One can consult a professional to know about various surgical and nonsurgical options available and what pros and cons they hold.

  • Cosmetic Surgery:

This is another option if one aspires for a bigger butt without doing any exercise. The specialized surgeon will recommend what kind of surgery will be required.

  • Plastic Surgery:

Once all things are taken into concentration he will take fat from thighs and abdomen and place it on butts surgically and help one in getting a bigger butt.

  • Butt Implant:

This is another good option that the physician will recommend after considering all points. In this procedure, artificial silicone implants are placed in the tissue of the butt with a surgical procedure. Although the process is not as easy and convenient as it sounds to be. Special care has to be taken both before and after the procedure.

How to get a bigger butt without exercise
  • Using Special Butt Creams:

There are some special creams available in the market that claim to provide one with a bigger butt.

One can buy these butt creams, apply them as prescribed, and get the bigger butt one aspires for.

  • Taking Supplements:

Estrogen is claimed to be helpful in building bigger butts. One can take supplements after consulting a medical practitioner.

One thing to remember here is that in case one does not feel comfortable after consumption the use should be stopped immediately.

  • Massage Therapy:

Massages always have a quality to provide rescue as it can make the body part look rigid and full.

One can do home massages or visit special massage clinics to take the benefit.

As the massage will bring more blood flow to all the butt tissues it will result in enhancing the size of the butt.

  • Wearing Fitted Clothes:

Clothes with a tighter fit on the butt is also a good option. As it will let the butts bulge out more in comparison to loose-fitting clothes.

Is having a bigger butt better?

It is claimed by some studies that a bigger butt is better than a smaller one. The various reasons for it are:

  • Bigger Butt Keeps the Lower Back Safe:

When the butt is bigger its tissues are quite strong which aids the legs while walking. This as a result puts no extra strain on the back, hips and knees etc. due to which the muscles stay strong.

  • An Easy Pregnancy:

A bigger butt helps in maintaining balance of the baby bump which otherwise puts so much strain on the spine.

  • Keeps Cholesterol levels in control:

Bigger butts are connected with healthy cholesterol levels which means less chances of heart disease. Studies show that such people have higher HDL levels and lower levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above How to get a bigger butt without exercise: Tips and Tricks brings easy and simple ideas for getting a bigger butt. One can go through and choose any option and enjoy the benefit.


Q1: Is it possible to make my butt bigger with certain foods?

Ans: Consuming healthy foods can help in building good fat deposition on the body i.e. building a bigger butt. A high-protein diet and dry fruits should be included.

Q2: Can you have a big butt naturally?

Ans: Yes, one can have a big butt naturally without choosing any surgical procedure. Small dietary changes like adding protein-rich food items to your diet can help build a big butt naturally.

Q3: How fast can one get a bigger butt?

Ans: Noticeable changes in butt size getting bigger vary from individual to individual as this is mostly dependent on the diet one consumes i.e. better diet means better results. The time may vary between 6-12 weeks. A diet with high calories and proteins is always advised.

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