How to flush out excess estrogen | All you need to know

In simple words, Hormones can be described as the coordinators of the body. Hormones help in the smooth functioning of various body functions.

The hormones pass all the necessary messages to various body parts thus making day-to-day body activities possible.

A balanced secretion of the hormones is required to keep the body healthy. In its absence, havoc is created giving birth to various physical and mental ailments.

In this article we will discuss How to flush out excess estrogen | All you need to know and various aspects related to it.

How to flush out excess estrogen: The Hormone And its role in the Human body-

There are various hormones that play an important role to keep the body healthy. Different hormones help in different body functions as they communicate and let the body know what to do.

When it comes to estrogen it is the female sex hormone that helps in keeping the female reproductive system healthy although this is a widely accepted fact estrogen plays an important role in male health too.

A proper secretion of this hormone keeps the male hormones present in the female body in check.

If by chance there is less estrogen production it gives birth to more testosterone i.e. male hormone production thus taking a toll on the female health. For men, it has different effects to show.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that hormones have a pivotal role to play when it comes to the human body.

excess estrogen

How to flush out excess estrogen: The various symptoms –

In most cases, a low level of progesterone is considered a reason for excess estrogen in the body. The unbalanced secretion can cause different problems which can bring out various symptoms. Symptoms vary in men and women. The different symptoms are:

In females, the symptoms are:

Irregular or missed monthly periods
Change in texture of breast tissue
Less or no sex drive
Tumors of the ovaries or adrenal glands
Insulin resistance
Breast cancer

In males, the symptoms are:

Erectile dysfunction
Enlarged Breasts

How to flush out excess estrogen: The Causes-

There could be several reasons which can cause excess estrogen levels in the body. The various causes are:


This is a stage where the body naturally starts getting ready for menopause. At this, there is a change in the natural secretion of various hormones i.e. so some hormones will decrease and others will increase or maybe all decrease or increase. The basic thing is about change from the natural course.


This is the point where the periods stop naturally. There is a particular age where this happens but in many cases initiated by several reasons, it may happen at a young age too. The hormones may create havoc and cause different problems at any age.

Weight Gain:

Uncontrolled weight gain is another reason which may affect hormone secretion negatively. The body often starts to produce estrogen in excess as the weight gain hampers it.

Insulin Resistance:

This is another alarming issue of present times. Once the insulin resistance kicks in it affects a whole lot of body functions and affects them negatively. If not treated in time there will be so much to deal with.

Imbalance of other Hormones:

Although hormones have their own role to play, when a dysfunction happens with one hormone it starts to affect the other hormones too.

If the secretion of progesterone is less or nil it will give birth to excessive estrogen in the body.

How to flush out excess estrogen

How to flush out estrogen: The Treatment and Control-

Once the individual is able to identify the symptoms and understands that the issue needs to be addressed, corrective steps will be helpful in a long way. The various ways to deal with the situations are:

Maintaining Balance:

Balance is the key when it comes to resolving and flushing out excess estrogen. A proper balance between mental, physical, and emotional health is what can be beneficial in this case. A balance of these three can help to flush out the excess estrogen.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Choose a healthy lifestyle. Which will include eating good and healthy food and avoiding junk foods and sugary products. Maintaining an active lifestyle and doing exercise every day. The proper time of rising and sleeping has to be followed.

Meditation for Good Mental and Emotional Health:

Meditating every day has a positive impact on the brain which signals balanced and proper secretion of the hormones and when that happens the excess hormones are also flushed out of the body.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above How to flush out excess estrogen, All you need to know brings an idea of what happens when somebody suffers from excess estrogen levels and how it can be dealt with.


Q1: Is it possible to flush out extra estrogen?

Ans: Yes it is possible to flush out excess estrogen. A lifestyle change helps a lot in it.

Q2: When is estrogen highest?

Ans: Estrogen levels are high during the mid-follicular phase and then drop naturally after ovulation.

Q3: What foods are anti-estrogen?

Ans: Cruciferous Vegetables, Soy, Mushrooms, Fibre, etc.

Q4: Does excess estrogen affect females only?

Ans: No excess estrogen can affect both males and females. Although it can be seen more in females in comparison to males.

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