How to do a HIIT Workout on an Elliptical?

Any fitness enthusiast knows the importance of cardio exercises. The HIIT workout mainly focuses on increased cardiovascular activity. Which increases good heart health and keeps you active and energetic. 

The HIIT workout stands out from other counterparts due to the time one needs to invest in exercising. These workouts are designed for a short time duration and to give maximum benefits.

As it aims at cardiovascular activity, doing an Elliptical HIIT Workout could be a good choice. One can choose the equipment per choice. 

Another point to emphasize here is that the HIIT workout is mainly customized for better cardio activity. 

In this article, we will put some light on How to do a HIIT Workout on Elliptical and various aspects related to it. 

How is a HIIT workout different from other workouts?

The feature which makes HIIT workouts stand out from other workouts is the time one needs to invest in this workout. 

While other workouts may demand continuous hours of exercise in the case of HIIT workouts one might devote a few minutes ranging from 10 to 30 and get benefits if not more than the others but at least equal. 

After all the health benefits are something the fitness enthusiasts look for and the icing on the cake is the less time it requires. 

Hiit workout with equipment and without equipment:  

The HIIT workout can be done both with and without equipment. Treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes could be used for a good workout. One can always choose as per personal preference and feel the difference.

HIIT Workout Elliptical

What is a HIIT Elliptical Workout and on what principles is it designed?

Defined as High Intensity Interval Training the HIIT workout is designed on the principle of equal intervals of intense exercises followed by equal rest intervals. 

The main idea is to raise body activity to its maximum and then instantly put the body on rest and repair all wear and tear.  

The intense activity aims at a high-level cardiovascular activity which promises good heart health. 

When hiit workout is paired with equipment i.e. the elliptical it is called the HIIT elliptical Workout, which has features that allow the best heart activity and help build endurance and resistance. 

This equipment aids both upper and lower body activity. Once you are steadily able to work on elliptical you can add a HIIT workout regime with it and enjoy the benefits. 

In the beginning, this could be started with very small time slots, and as one is able to build the stamina the timing can be increased. 

Once you are able to complete a specific time a good hiit cardio elliptical workout starts showing the results which are surprising and you will have a lot to experience and will enjoy on the health front too.

How to divide the workout regime while aiming for HIIT elliptical workout? 

Firstly be sure about the level on which you are when aiming for the workout i.e. a beginner or somebody already doing the exercise firstly and secondly what fitness level do you have? 

If you can not bear the intensity a bit always start with slow speed and less pace. Don’t instantly jump onto rigorous kinds. 

When your stamina is built after a slow but steady workout, start aiming for more and more as far as you can resist.   

Instantly going for a high-intensity workout will affect both your body and mind adversely. You might feel disheartened and totally give up on the idea of a workout. 

On the contrary, if you will be able to build up your stamina at a balanced pace you will be able to reap more benefits, and that too for longer durations. Then arises the question of How to do a HIIT Workout on an Elliptical? it can be divided into mainly three sections:

HIIT Workout on an Elliptical


Start with the warm-up and slowly pedal on the elliptical. This will help to build stamina and give the body a signal to get ready for the high-intensity work out which will be followed later on. 

The Workout:

The workout is divided into equal intervals with the rest intervals. If you do a workout for 1 minute, take the next 1 minute for rest. 

At the shortest time interval be hard as you can which will be totally opposite for the longest interval i.e. go slow on that section. 

Special attention to speed and pace should be given. Keenly observe your breath. Go slow if you feel panting. 

Push to the maximum level but again it is advised to listen to your body. Never ignore it.

The Rest Interval:

This is another important aspect. Allow the body to cool down. The rest time works as a repair interval and heals all wear and tear that happened during the workout.  

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above How to do a HIIT Workout on an Elliptical discusses various benefits of this workout and how one can use this equipment and enjoy the health benefits that follow.


Q1: Can you do HIIT on an elliptical?

Ans= Yes, you can do hiit on an elliptical. Clubbing both together helps to build endurance and make one skilled in working with speed. It is a good option when it comes to cardio exercise.

Q2: Is the elliptical good for a flat stomach?

When it comes to burning calories, the elliptical has so much to offer. It burns calories and initiates good weight loss. Another outstanding feature is that it targets various body parts at the same time.

Q3: Is HIIT better than elliptical?

Both hiit and elliptical have their count of merits to show. But it is always advised to club them together when aiming for overall benefits altogether. 

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