How Often Should You Do HIIT ? 4 Deciding Factors

Many people who are new to HIIT training or even the existing ones would think that HIIT can be done 5-7 days per week. If you think that then my answer will disappoint you because HIIT can not be done every day. Doing it every day would cause adverse effects on the body rather than benefiting from it. HIIT is a vigorous form of workout where you need to give your maximum effort in between intervals throughout the session.

After HIIT, our body becomes so exhausted that it would become tough for us to do it on a regular basis without giving the body proper rest. As there is a myth among people that muscles grow in the gym but this is not true. In the gym, we put tension on muscles to force them to grow, whereas our muscles grow while doing rest. Proper rest and a good diet (rich in proteins, carbs, and good fats) are necessary for growth.

So this is also true in the case of HIIT. Perhaps, rest is a must after doing High-Intensity training. Many people are not used to putting in maximum effort within 15-20 minutes of HIIT, it makes them uncomfortable and sometimes their body does not respond even if they want to.

As technology is becoming increasingly advanced, instant gratification is what people are looking for and the quality of being patient is becoming one of the difficult traits to find in a person. Similarly, in fitness, people want quick results. And, due to lesser time because of a hectic schedule, the importance of steady cardio is decreasing and the popularity of HIIT is increasing day by day because of its various benefits.

So how often should you do HIIT Workouts?

There is no simple yes or no answer to this question. It depends upon various factors and Generally, most experts say that 2-3 times per week is enough. However, we will dwell on 4 factors by which you can decide how many times per week is good for you.

HIIT Exercise

  1. Time
  2. Fitness Level
  3. Goal
  4. Injury


Time is the single most crucial factor for deciding how much hiit per week is enough. As I said earlier according to most experts maximum of three times per week is enough for HIIT training. However, if you are short of time then 2 days per week is more than enough. But, if you have time in abundance then 3-4 days alternatively could be good for you with proper rest.


Whether you want to build muscle, lose fat, or want to increase overall strength, stamina, or endurance would affect the deciding factor. If your aim is to build muscle and build strength then include it with your gym training for not more than 2 days per week but if your goal is to lose weight and build stamina then between 3-4 times per week is more than enough.

HIIT Exercise

Fitness Level

If you are a beginner or you are just starting out then it is recommended that you should not do HIIT because this will put more strain or excess level of tension on your muscles which your body might not endure. But if you still want to do then do a low-impact HIIT or start with steady cardio 2 times per week till then your body gets used to it.


If you are suffering from a long-term injury then it would be best to avoid HIIT training. In an effort to reap benefits, you will end up hurting yourself more. Talk to your doctor or physician about whether you can do it or not but still it is advisable not to do HIIT.

How Often Should You Do HIIT Exercise

Above are the most vital factors in my opinion which everyone needs to consider before taking any decisions regarding whether you want to do 2,3 or 4 days per week. You need to put in some extra effort yourself and modify it according to your needs. But make sure to add at least one day of rest in between High-Intensity Interval training.

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