HIIT Sprint Workout for Maximum Fitness Results

When looking for a high-intensity interval training workout the sprint interval workout has so much to offer. 

It can be a good choice keeping the promise of burning calories, aiding weight loss, building resistance, and keeping the individual engaged and relaxed mentally. 

The outstanding feature of the workout is the highly active heart activity it brings in and the workout is effective both during and after the workout!

This workout is about maximum exertion followed by rest intervals to repair any wear and tear that may happen while doing intense workouts.  

A difference that can be marked between the Hiit workout and the Sprint workout is that the latter includes longer rest periods than the former one. 

Hiit Sprint workout the Concept:

Hiit Sprint Workout is designed by dividing the exercise period into two parts one is the intense exercise period performed with maximum effort and the other part is the rest interval of a bit longer duration to provide the body with the required amount of time for recovery. 

The workout and rest ratio can be set varying on the time duration one has at hand.  

Hiit Sprint Workout Points to Remember Before Starting:

  • Listen to what your body says. Never ignore it. 
  • Consult a professional before starting. He will let you know the positives and negatives 
  • Start with a nice warm-up and give your body a signal that something intense is going to take place! 

This warm-up pays in the long run as it helps to keep the injury at bay. Which is a long-term requirement for a wholesome workout. 

  • Challenge your body to its full extent. The workout should leave you breathless.
  • Get ready for a maximum challenge.
  • If you are a beginner, start slow. 
  • In case you are an expert you can use your skills without worrying much.
  • Maintain proper breathing activity.
  • As a beginner, once you get used to you can move towards more high-intensity workout sessions. 
Hiit Sprint Workout

Hiit Sprint Workout Integrating two Workouts in One: 

This is a wholesome workout and a favorite among health enthusiasts to challenge their maximum potential. 

The workout starts with a warm-up session. The workout can be divided into a 30-second duration repeated 4 times. 

Which is later followed by a 4 minutes and 30 seconds rest period providing a recovery interval. 

The workout is highly challenging. When it comes to integrating sprint workouts with Hiit few modifications will do the needful. 

For integrating the workout firstly one must understand the difference between the two. A Sprint workout is more high intensity than a Hiit workout. 

The workout can be done by dividing the workout into two sections. Sprint workout is running-based. For doing it one can follow the following regime:

  • Start with an easy warm-up for 5 minutes. Here the pace has to be well maintained. 
  • Now start running at a comfortable speed increasing it bit by bit.
  • Now sprint with your full effort for 30 seconds.
  • Return to a comfortable pace and maintain running for 4 minutes. This will help the body recover.
  • Now sprint for 30 seconds as fast as you can. 
  • Repeat for three consecutive rounds. 
  • Once done, cool down and rest for a few minutes.

For the second section various Hiit workout exercises can be included. The workout is different from the first one as it does not solely depend on running. It can be done both with and without equipment.  

Outdoor workouts like walking, running, and cycling also count for it. One can start with high-intensity squats followed by mountain climbers, jumping rope, jumping jacks, and knee rise. 

When both workouts are done in coordination with each other the results are outstanding.  

Hiit Sprint Workout on Treadmill:

Women doing Hiit Sprint Workout

Now treadmill workout could be an add-on when it comes to Hiit Sprint Workout. Both complement each other in several ways. The sprint has to be designed tactfully. 

Considering the time that the treadmill will take to speed up and slow down. Increase the time duration of intervals by 10-15 seconds extra on both sides i.e. while beginning and when finishing off. The sprints have to be adjusted in between. 

Hiit Sprint Workout Rest Intervals:

Once done with both sessions, relax by stretching. The workout is very challenging and exhausting so it needs proper consideration when it comes to the rest interval end. 

Never do the workout for more than two days in a row to maintain proper gaps. Rather shift to light exercises like cardio and jogging etc. to avoid over training to avoid any negative outcomes. 

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Hiit Sprint Workout pushes the body to its maximum on one hand and on the other hand has so many benefits to offer. 

It could be difficult if you try to start it with any prior experience. But if one has a good workout background things will turn out to be much easier. 

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