HIIT Nutrition Blueprint: Eating Your Way to Fitness Success

A fit body demands a good workout and a balanced diet.  A nutritious diet keeps the body healthy and provides energy for smooth overall functioning.  

It would not be wrong to say that both these things are wheels of a wagon if not taken proper care they will disbalance the wagon i.e. the body. 

What are Hiit Nutrition and its importance:

High-Intensity interval training works on a high amount of energy. A  good nutritious diet that gives energy to the body to carry on the Hiit workout can be defined as Hiit Nutrition.   

This energy is not only required at the time of workout intervals but for rest periods also so that the body can easily go through the repair process which makes Hiit nutrition a very important part of a Hiit workout.

hiit nutrition

To fulfill the body’s energy requirement one needs to follow a proper diet plan and should eat it on time.  

Hiit Nutrition: Points to remember before choosing a diet-

Observe what suits your body:

Before choosing what to eat thoroughly observe what suits you and what not. 

You may be allergic to certain proteins or your body might not be able to digest certain carbohydrates so be sure about all this before starting with any food products. 

It is best to consult a nutritionist who is professionally skilled enough to guide you through. 

All bodies are different:

One very important factor to remember is never to follow what somebody is doing. As the thing that is suiting the other person may not suit you or might suit you more than the other person. 

It is always advised not to draw conclusions just by looking at other people. 

The thing which you should concentrate on is what your body needs and how you can customize things, to suit your body’s needs.  

Have a good water intake and keep track of it:

A good water intake is always advised for a healthy body. As it keeps various body functions properly. It helps to flush out all the toxins from the body. 

hiit nutrition diet

To keep up a balance between the body’s response to the workout a good water intake with a proper track should be maintained always. 

Keep changing the diet in some time:

Don’t get fixed with a single diet forever. This sticking will eventually start bringing a diet plateau i.e. diet not affecting your body in any way. 

This is several times discussed by nutritionists too. A single type of diet several times impacts your body in a way that the body adapts and becomes so familiar with it leaving no chances for the body’s positive reaction towards the diet.  

Maintain your Time of Eating:

This is another very important factor. A diet may be very nutritious in nature but when not taken on time will have a negative effect than a positive one. 

Keep proper gaps between food intake and exercise intervals. Also have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time. This will be beneficial in the long run. 

Give ample time to your body to properly digest and absorb nutrients that are required for a good energy explosion! 

Hiit Nutrition: What to include in your diet-

The Hiit Nutrition diet can be planned by keeping two things in mind i.e. firstly the diet needs to be divided into two sections before and after the workout and secondly the important constituents to include in your diet are carbohydrates and proteins.

Hiit Nutrition: Before workout diet:

Have a high carbohydrate diet a few hours before the workout. This will kick in the energy you will require for the intense workout. 

hiit nutrition healthy diet

This can include smoothies, brown bread toast with peanut butter, banana, some nuts, oatmeal, etc.

Hiit Nutrition: After workout diet:

After a workout diet aims at the energy which is required by the body to deal with all tears and wear. This can be defined as the recovery time. 

To achieve this try to eat within an hour of the workout. This will help restore the lost energy in the cells. 

Proteins are very rewarding at this time. Consume a combination of both proteins and good carbohydrates and feel the energy restored within some time. 

One can include vegetable saute tofu, a single slice of wheat flour bread, an omelet overloaded with vegetables and saute chicken, etc.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above, Hiit Nutrition is a very important part of the Hiit workout. 

The desired results ranging from good heart health to calorie burn and weight loss can be achieved if nutrition and workout go hand in hand. 

Fitness enthusiasts should consciously target both these aspects to get 100% results.   

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