HIIT Heart Rate: Secrets to Fitness Success

High-intensity interval training and cardiovascular activities are very closely connected to each other. As this workout aims at an intense workout regime it as a result makes the heart pump blood with more speed. 

While all this is happening, it as a result affects the heart functioning positively, and what better than good heart health? Good heart health ensures overall health. 

This workout strengthens muscles and helps build stamina. In the present time, this workout has created quite a buzz which has made it a favorite among health enthusiasts. The outcomes of the exercise can be checked by using a Hiit Heart Rate Calculator.

In this article, we will discuss the Hiit Heart Rate and various aspects related to it.

Relationship Between Hiit Workout and Heart Rate:

Heart rate matters a lot when it comes to hiit workouts as the positive effect of the workout mainly circles around increased heart activity. 

Women doing HIIT workout

The workout is based on the principle of intensity. The more the workout is intensive, the more it makes the heart work.  

The high intensity workout makes the body demand more oxygen. This oxygen is needed for recovery. 

This as a result increases metabolism, which is maintained higher for longer hours. All these things when come together keep the heart healthy.

Analyzing if hiit workout  positively affects heart rate:  

The best way to analyze where your workout is taking your heart rate is simply wearing a heart rate tracking device. So next time when you decide to sweat it out just be equipped with your tracker which will help you know the heart activity. 

One will be surprised to see the heart rate going up and down with exercise and how amazingly it keeps on changing. There will be a different reading for the exercise period and different for rest intervals. 

Here another feature to closely watch out for is BPM which stands for beat per minute. This can help you decide if you are able to push your heart to its maximum. 

If the result is not as desired the workout can be customised accordingly.  The most important thing to remember is that the heart rate should always be towards the steeper side. The Increasing pattern shows that the workout is going in a positive direction.  

Ensuring that your workout is making you reach the right values will kick in a lot of health benefits. Another plus point is that this will carry the benefits for longer durations and will help maintain them. 

Determining and Calculating the optimum heart rate while doing hiit workout:   

When it comes to determining the optimum heart rate one can strive for 70 -90 percent of maximum heart rate during the activity interval and 55-65 percent at the time of recovery. 

HIIT Heart Rate

Then a question arises: how to calculate the maximum heart rate? The answer is out of 220 subtract your age and then apply the percentage. If someone is 20 years of age the calculation will be done as follows:

For workout interval( at high intensity): 

220-20= 200 

85% 0f 200= 170 For rest interval (at low interval):

220-20= 200

55% of 200= 110

If one does not have a tracker they can observe their breathing carefully. It is yet another good strategy. If it is felt that the breathing is going at the normal pace one can add various activities like speaking and singing simultaneously. This will increase the activity and indirectly more oxygen will also be required. This will force your heart to pump more thus increasing the heart rate! 

Recommended time duration for maintaining a high heart rate:

A very important thing to remember when doing any workout is that excess of anything is dangerous. It is always recommended to be within limits. 

Another important thing when it comes to a workout is always listening to your body. Never ignore what your body is trying to tell you. 

If one is following a forty-five minute or an hour workout he can take 10-20 minutes of high intensity workout throughout. During this time his heart level could remain the highest. This time period shows the most positive outcomes.

women doing HIIT dumbell workout

When it comes to beginners don’t go very hard on yourself initially. In the beginning, less intensity intervals can be followed for small time intervals. 

If in the very beginning, somebody aims for a more intense workout, it will not let the person know his exact potential if he is unable to cope with the high intensity and secondly he might feel demotivated and disheartened. 

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Hiit’s Heart Rate is dependent on the level and intensity of the workout one goes through. More intensity means an increased heart rate. This aids good heart health and helps burn calories and also burns fat. 

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