HIIT for Obese Beginners: Transform Your Body with High-Intensity Interval Training

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Obesity is an outcome of an unhealthy diet and an unbalanced lifestyle. Obesity not only affects your body from the outside but from the inside too to a great extent. 

A whole lot of side effects kick in when an individual suffers from obesity ranging from heart disease to Blood Pressure, Diabetes, liver disease, etc. But when it comes to a workout that can help one get the individual out of these alarming situations, Hiit for Obese Beginners can provide rescue.

In this article, we will discuss Hiit for Obese Beginners and various aspects related to it.  

Hiit for Obese Beginners The Idea: 

The HIIT workout comes as a full package which ensures overall health benefits for the whole body. It helps one get fit and toned if practiced properly. 

The feature which makes it stand out from others is that this workout can be done without equipment and at home too. Which increases the ease and convenience manyfold.  

The workout helps in building muscles and aids good aerobic activity. The outstanding feature of this workout is the time one needs to invest in doing it. The time can range between 10 minutes to 30 minutes as per personal choice. 

The workout promises to burn fat in a short period of time. In this case, if somebody is staying away from a good active promising workout just because of less time availability this regime is for them.  

Hiit for Obese Beginners the Workout Things to Remember:

Hiit for Obese women

It is always advised to make your body adapt to the change that is going to happen and start with short periods of workout. Before starting, listen to your body and its requirements. 

If feeling confused consult a professional. They will provide guidance and solve all your confusion before beginning. 

If you have medical conditions in addition to obesity then consulting your doctor is advised. He will let you know how good or bad things could turn out for you and what you need to follow before beginning. 

Hiit for Obese Beginners The Regime:

Start with a warm-up. Do jogging for 2-3 minutes at a medium speed.  Then stretch your legs and arms. Move your neck in different directions one by one. Now you are good to go. For the following exercises do 3 sets of each exercise repeating all exercises for 10-12 repetitions. Take one minute rest for every exercise and then go for the next section. The various exercises are:


Sit-ups target building a strong core. It helps to build resistance. It helps in aiding good posture. It aids in good athletic performance. 

This workout is good when aiming for cardio as it burns a whole lot of calories thus aiding a considerable amount of weight loss. Several muscle groups are engaged and targeted in this workout. 

Jumping Jack:

Jumping jacks are a calorie-blasting HIIT exercise that targets the entire body and helps reduce weight.

Stand straight with your feet at hip distance, and keep your shoulders relaxed. 

Look straight, and jump in the air with your feet apart. Simultaneously, as you jump, bring your hands up, and bring them down as you continue. Repeat the exercise a few times.

Obese women doing hiit

Lunge Jump:

Lunge jumps are a challenging variation of a standard lunge exercise and help burn a great number of calories while also enhancing heart rate.

Start this HIIT exercise by taking a lunge position with your left foot in the front and your spine straight. Bend your legs to go down, and ensure that your leg is perpendicular to the floor. 

Jump as high as you can and, as you land, bring your opposite leg to the front. Repeat the exercise by alternating legs.

Rope Jumping:

When looking for a good cardio exercise and aiming at building stamina all together there could not be anything better than this exercise. 

Once the individual gets equipped for this workout you do not feel like stopping. 

Stand straight by keeping feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the rope in both hands and start skipping. 

Firstly skip with alternative legs and then together with both legs. Continue for 3 minutes. Once done, rest for 2 minutes. 

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Hiit for Obese Beginners brings various solutions for the individuals facing the issue of obesity. Which is regarded as a difficult situation to deal with. By doing various exercises one can ward off obesity and make their body healthy and fit both in and out.  

women doing Hiit

Q1: Is obesity an alarming condition?

Ans: Yes obesity is an alarming condition as it gives birth to various health issues which can be devastating if not taken proper care on time. 

Q2:  Should obese people exercise at a high intensity?

Ans= Obese people should do high-intensity workouts. In less time investment they can claim their health back which may not be the case with the other workouts.

Q3: What are the best HIIT intervals for fat loss?

Ans= An interval of 20 seconds of intense workout followed by 10 seconds of rest is considered to be an ideal duration for fat loss.  This may be a great ratio to start which can be modified with experience and time. 

Q4: Can you fully recover from obesity?

Ans= A very small percentage of people i.e. 1% is claimed to recover fully from the condition of obesity by the studies. 

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