HIIT at Home: How to Get Fit with Online Hiit Workouts 

HIIT workout stands for High-Intensity Interval Training which is designed on the principle of intense exercise intervals followed by equal rest intervals. 

The intense exercises mainly aim at pushing the body to its extreme possibilities whereas the rest intervals help one heal all the muscle wear and tear thereby promising a good healthy body. 

Hiit workout is a great workout as it provides fitness by keeping one engaged and motivated. When doing a high-intensity workout the fitness enthusiast wants to reach the highest point which adds to the fun factor too. 

A few minutes of investment leads to great results with a HIIT workout. With the emergence of digital fitness and the wonders you can get on online platforms, you can become fit in the comfort of your home without visiting specific places like gyms or fitness classes physically. 

Online Hiit Workout Program

Offering the best online hiit workouts, there are various online channels like Fit With Hiit that bring answers to all your queries. So you don’t need to get stuck, Just visit the channel and enjoy the benefits. Some channels offer free trials too! 

In this article, we will discuss various options available for Online Hiit Workout and some other aspects related to it.

With everything present digitally these days there are a huge number of online platforms offering online Hiit Workouts. One can easily visit these websites and decide which channel to follow. 

The important thing to always remember is first to listen to your body and then decide accordingly. 

Online Hiit Workouts Platforms

Group Hiit:

Workouts are always fun to do but when done with a company at one’s side both the benefits and fun increase manifold. 

This platform offers workout plans customized in a way that can be done with a partner or in a group. This platform is more appealing to people like office staff etc. who want to gain health in more numbers. 

There are both free and paid workouts. One can opt accordingly. The workouts are divided into two categories one is for the whole body and the other one is for targeting specific body parts. 

Fit With Hiit:

Another channel that focuses on health and offers very beneficial workouts is Fit With Hiit. No more hunting here and there for adopting ways for a good lifestyle. This platform offers the best quality workouts.  

Building stamina and increasing endurance is their motto. The workouts are categorized from beginner level to advanced level. This platform provides the best advice and workout sessions. 

Online Hiit Workouts Platforms


Another platform worth following is Gymbox. Everything they offer is user-centric. If you feel like reaching the workout storehouse after the online class visit their extension Out The Box! 

They will make you sweat a lot. The workouts are beautifully designed to target almost every body part. 

The distinctive feature is that on this platform new workouts are uploaded every week. Another thing worth noticing is the atmosphere this workout creates. This platform is available in offline mode too.


This platform is both mobile and system friendly which makes access easy from any place of your choice. 

This platform is very highly rated. The workouts are categorized into various sections. From postnatal HIIT workout classes to high-intensity cardio classes. There is an option for equipment like a Fiit tracker which keeps track of heart rate. Calories etc. one can choose as per needs. 

Rumble Boxing:

What could be more pushing and full of intensity than boxing? It is a good kind of HIIT workout.  This is different from traditional boxing as it is accompanied by intensive drills. 

This workout comes with 6 important punches. It runs with live classes like HIIT circuit sessions, boxing and HIIT, spinning, barre, and even hot yoga. 

There are on-demand classes too. These are divided into various categories. The main deciding factor is based on the availability of equipment as well as the class duration and trainer.

Fhitting Room:

The distinctive feature Fhitting Room offers is live and on-demand classes. Just by following them one can get benefits and enjoy health at large. 

One can join a live class and enjoy the benefits. They offer private classes too. The workout classes are categorized based on body weight, strength, and conditioning.  There are workouts that target abs and core.

This platform offers an on-demand library of HIIT classes. Which can be downloaded from the Fhitting Room On Demand app.


Online Hiit Workouts

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Online Hiit Workouts are offered by various platforms which makes the promise of health available to the masses. 

The Hiit workout offers a whole lot of options to experience. It keeps one engaged that too with the added factor of fun. It helps people sweat and as a by-product burn calories too. People have so many options and can choose as per their needs and interests.


Q1: How effective is Hiit?

Ans= HIIT is a highly effective workout. The outstanding feature of this workout is the less time investment it demands.  

Q2: Can you lose weight with a Hiit workout?

Ans= Hiit has proven records to show that it aids good weight loss. If done continuously it has so much to offer. 

Q3: How many times a week is a HIIT workout enough to lose weight?

Ans= Professionals recommend 2-3 days of hiit workouts per day in order to stay fit. Too much exercise can be dangerous. It is always advised to maintain an optimum number of hours. 

Q4: Are there any disadvantages of hiit workouts?

Ans= There are some disadvantages of the hiit workout like:

  • It can put pressure on joints.
  • It can cause cramps.
  • One can feel dizzy.
  • People can get injured if the exercise is not done properly. 

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