Get Ready to Look Amazing: HIIT Workout for Strength, Endurance, and Fat Loss

Killer 30 min hiit workout for strength, endurance, and fat loss could be a very good option to gain and maintain health in today’s time and even it hits on breaking from the traditional ways of working out.

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. It does not require any introduction as the buzz around could be heard these days specifically about the merits it holds. 

The hiit works on the simple principle of intense workout sessions followed by rest intervals which aim at repair of the muscles that are pushed to extreme levels to get maximum benefits.

HIIT Workout

HIIT Exercise: The Roots

The beginning of this exercise held its roots around the 1970s  but the popularity it gained can be dated around 2010. It is one of the best exercises for unmatchable cardiovascular activities.

The main motive of any exercise is to bring maximum benefits for the individual doing it. Strength and endurance are the main outcomes of this exercise and fat loss can be considered a by-product!

The exercise regimen is brief and intense which helps the body stimulate in such a way that the muscles are toned and the body is led towards a perfect shape.

Merits of Killer 30 min hiit workout for strength, endurance, and fat loss:

  • Time-saving– The first and foremost thing which people run short of these days is time. other exercises like walking or cycling etc will require much more time than this workout.

People may be practicing different professions but most of them face the problem of less time for exercise and to work out for a healthy body. 

jumping hiits

Hiit workout provides ample opportunities for people with less time to do effective exercise.

  • Can be done anywhere- The best thing about HIIT workouts is that there are so many exercises included that you don’t need a special place and specific equipment. 

This workout can be done at home without any fancy equipment and maximum benefits could be attained.  

  • Very effective- This workout is very effective as it brings maximum benefits in the shortest time.

Increased cardiovascular activity, calorie burn, weight loss, and muscle build-up all are the outcomes.  

  • Boost metabolism- This workout is called to boost the stimulation of the human growth hormone. This is estimated to increase up to 450% after a HIIT workout and as a result, it also boosts the metabolism.

As the workout is of high intensity the metabolism is elevated for hours after the exercise. Calorie burn is a by-product Of this workout. 

There is much research that shows the impact of this workout even after many hours of exercise. which in turn affects the metabolism positively.

  • Brings strength- This workout brings strength as it works on the cardiovascular activity of the heart and muscle build-up. Endurance is the outcome and stamina build-up can not be denied.
  • Endurance- The capacity to face any wear and tear increases with this workout. The body becomes stronger and stamina increases manyfold.
sqauts hiit

Here in this article, we will discuss a Killer 30 min hiit workout for strength, endurance, and fat loss. 30 minutes of exercise every day could be the main component of a life full of health benefits.

All exercises aim at various body parts like arms, legs, shoulders, abs, etc. to mention the various exercises are:

Warm-up: First and foremost is to warm up. When you are not exercising the body is at complete rest. If you start doing exercise instantly the body is not able to cope with the change.

Due to high intensity, things could become adverse and affect the body negatively thus causing cramps, pains, muscle pull, dizziness, etc. at that time warm-up comes to the rescue. The various exercises to warm up are:

  • Spot jogging-1 minute- Stand steady and jog on the spot for almost 1 minute this sends the body the signal for change thus bringing it into motion. Blood also starts to circulate fast as a cardiovascular activity also starts to build up.
  • Jumping Jacks-1 Minute- Stand straight with arms on the side now jump by keeping feet outwards and waving arms upside above the head. Doing fastly return back to the initial position. Repeat it for one minute.
  • Plank Hold – keeping your legs straight behind and keeping your foot together with toes curled underneath and hands should be kept under the shoulder. Hold the body parallel to the floor. Hold the position for the desired length of time.

Killer 30 min hiit workout for strength, endurance, and fat loss main exercises :

HIIT Workout for Strength



Inchworms could be done for 30 seconds. This exercise is very good as it aims at all body parts together. It helps to make balance. The body becomes more stable with this exercise. 

But it mainly works on arms. Stand with your feet together by bending on your hips and placing your hands on the floor. Move in a plank position and remain in the same position for 3 seconds. 

Move hands and feet towards each other, raise the torso from the hips, and get back to the initial position. 

Push-ups :

Start by keeping your hands flat on the floor. Feet should be kept a width apart. By keeping toes curled, step the legs straight. Now extend the body straight from head to toe and feel the tension build up.

Now lower the body to the ground keeping elbows tight. Keeping arms in a certain position pushes the body toward the ground. Come back to the initial position. 

Pushup HIIT Workout for Strength

Legs :

Criss-Cross Jumping jacks –

Stand with feet at a width apart by keeping hands over your head. Jump upside down by crossing our feet in front of each other. Bring the arms down simultaneously. Now by jumping, keep your arms upside down. Keep repeating. 


Stand straight by keeping feet hip-width apart and the toes should be turned out slightly. Bend knees and keep legs in a line. Knees should not bend inwards. Keep changing position at regular intervals. Come back to the initial position by standing up.

The importance of Abs cannot  be denied in the HIIT workout:

High Knees:

Stand by keeping feet at a width apart. Keep hands at a hip height. Start jumping on the spot by alternating each foot. Knees should be raised as high as possible. Keep repeating and then come back to the initial position.

Russian Twists:

By sitting on the floor, keep your legs at 45 degrees and now put your feet in the air at a certain height. Now touch the floor with both palms on one side by turning the torso in each direction alternatively.  

HIIT Workout for Strength

This can be followed by doing some exercises like burpees and fast jogging to exceed the limit so that the body should be pushed with a maximum intensity workout.

Repetition and Rest Intervals:

Repeat all exercises for a round of five times. After that, rest for one minute before continuing to the next round. 

This rest period is very important and should be very carefully followed so that the body gets ample time for repairing after a high-intensity workout.


Killer 30 min hiit workout for strength, endurance, and fat loss can bring wonders to your life by keeping your body active, promising good heart health, calorie burn, and weight loss. 

It can work as a boon to those who run short of time and find it difficult to manage long hours for workouts. HIIT workout promises the best health in short time intervals.

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