Get Fit with Our Hiit Boxing Workout – Burn Fat and Build Strength

Thinking about boxing the very first word that crosses the mind is stamina. The resistance and endurance that one sees in a boxer the time he is practicing or contesting a match is worth watching. 

But Rome was not built in a day. Everything we see has a journey. Although there are so many options when it comes to workouts that can be helpful for boxers, boxing HIIT workout can create wonders in comparison to other counterparts. 

This workout will increase your body strength and as a by-product improve your health and boxing skills.

In this article, we will discuss HIIT boxing workout and its various benefits. 

What is a Hiit Boxing Workout?

When the hiit workout is combined with a boxing regime it helps build endurance and stamina. Which is a much-needed thing. 

To define HIIT workout it is an exercise regime which is based on high-intensity intervals i.e. the total time is divided into intense exercise intervals followed by rest intervals. 

Boxing Workout

The rest intervals help the body recover from all the wear and tear that takes place during intense workout sessions. 

HIIT training focuses on improving cardiovascular health and heart rate as it increases heart activity. As a by-product, it supports fat burning and thereby helps get the body shape everyone aspires for. 

Maximum effort is the thing most required. Intentions could vary from building stamina to weight loss but to achieve it one needs to push oneself to the fullest and to come out of the comfort zone. 

To get maximum benefits the workout can be divided into a 1:2 ratio between working and resting periods i.e. if one follows 20 seconds of highly intense exercise followed by 40 seconds of rest. 

What Are the Benefits Of a HIIT Boxing Workout?

HIIT workouts have a great deal to offer when combined with boxing. It brings a whole lot of benefits for the boxers. This workout helps boxers gain lean muscle mass and get into the desired shape. 

When one goes for a high-intensity workout the body is put into maximum exertion. This workout boosts the metabolism. 

Men doing Hiit Boxing Workout

It burns extra calories and additional fat in one’s body. With all this muscle strength is built. It helps to fight muscle plateau too. 

When there is a fight one requires the stamina to hold nerves till the last bell to win the bout with skills and endurance. 

One also needs resistance and speed. HIIT workouts cover both. The hiit workout helps boxers get the stamina to last throughout the game. 

One who does not have that stamina gets knocked down in the initial rounds only.

The regime for HIIT Boxing Workouts:

With building stamina and resistance, HIIT boxing workouts can help tone overall body shape, besides improving fighting skills and improving fitness and health benefits. Various workouts that can be followed are:

HIIT Boxing Circuit:

Boxing is a great form of HIIT workout. It offers a lot of benefits for individuals. It improves cardiovascular activity and improves stamina. This HIIT workout includes various boxing moves that are performed in high-intensity intervals to push one’s limits to the fullest.

In this workout exercise regime boxing techniques like left-right jab cross, alternating left-right hook, freestyle, etc are done. This should be followed by burpees for 30 seconds. Do not take a rest in between. 

Once done take a rest of 60 to 90 seconds walking at your normal pace before you go for the next round of this boxing HIIT circuit. 

Women doing Hiit Boxing Workout

This workout includes dumbbell exercises. Combining a Hiit workout with dumbbell exercises improves heart activity and provides strength to the body. It can be divided as:

  • 15 reps of clean and press
  • 10 reps of renegade row
  • 10 reps of lunges with bicep curls 
  • 10 reps of weighted burpees 
  • 10 reps of lunge and press

HIIT Dumbbell Circuit

No rest should be taken in between. Once completed with the workout, take rest for 90 seconds. Repeat this circuit workout 4 to 6 times. 

Weighted Stair Climber Intervals

This exercise is a good option if you are looking for a pushing exercise. This is a high-intensity workout that promises faster fitness results. 

This exercise can be very easily done on stairs at home or gym. A stair climber machine can also be used. It is one of the best exercises for HIIT boxing workout. 

A 30 seconds workout has to be done followed by 90 seconds of rest period.

Learning Kickboxing for Workout:

Women doing Kickboxing Hiit Workout

Hiit kickboxing Natick is offered as a martial art at Natick’s Metrowest Academy; it is a great workout that helps one build stamina. These workouts are designed for all fitness levels and great cardio activity. This workout helps to strengthen one’s body and build muscles.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Hiit Boxing Workout offers dual benefits of building strength and ensuring good heart health. One can always choose this workout regime and feel the wonders it offers.

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