Everything You Need to Know About STAIRMASTER HIIT

Stairmaster Hiit ( high interval training ) to build endurance is a high-intensity workout based on vigorous exercise intervals followed by brief rest periods. These periods are specifically designed in a way for providing the body with the time needed for repair after an intensive workout. 

The commendable point of HIIT step workout is time i.e in a small interval of time you get a better opportunity to gain health. This workout increases cardiovascular activity, burns calories, aids weight loss, and tones the overall body. HIIT Stairmaster has many benefits. 

In this article, we will discuss Stairmaster hiit ( high interval training ) to build endurance and its merit.

What is Stairmaster HIIT or HIIT Step Workout?


A static exercise machine that works as a staircase. It is somewhat similar to a treadmill, the working mechanism is that this machine rotates steps, and the person who workout climbs upward. Like traditional stair climbing. The speed and time are set on the machine by the user. 

Stairmaster was founded in 1983 and was launched at the National Goods Association trade show. The very first piece was called StairMaster 5000.  The machine was a rotating staircase. 

The Stairmaster hiit workout is one of the most intense hiit workouts. It offers one of the harder cardio workouts. It increases the Heart rate and burns calories. HIIT in itself is based on a high-intensity workout followed by rest intervals which can also be called repair time.

Although Stairmaster has been there since the 80’s the technology has got updated and grown with the passing of time. Technology has seen steady growth. The updated features such as a heart rate monitor and calorie-burning calculator have been added through all these years.


A 10-minute Hiit workout time can be considered to be a good time duration for a Stairmaster HIIT workout…

Traditional validity of stair climbing:

hiit step workout

Traditionally the practice and importance of stair climbing can not be overlooked. In olden times when people didn’t have many options and equipment, stair climbing was always a good option.

Stair climbing has always provided a good option for regular workouts. The biggest thing is that you don’t need a specific place and equipment in this case. 

The players and sports persons were and even are seen climbing stairs for a regular buck up. It increases heart rate by activating cardiovascular activity. On other hand, it tones the legs too. The muscles are activated too.

Stairs vs Stairmaster:

Health-cautious people have always used stairs as a good medium for instant and high-intensity workouts available at ease. 

For this, you don’t have to visit some specific place. It is always recommended through research that it’s always better to choose stairs over lifts. 

But if you want to keep an eye on time duration and fix the speed of the workout, StairMaster has all these things to offer and you can benefit from this workout.

Benefits of StairMaster:

If you are looking for one of the best and most effective cardio what could be better than climbing stairs? Strength and stamina build-up is the outcome of this workout. One can always remember scenes from many sports films where protagonists are shown climbing and getting downstairs before games. It is symbolic of the strength built up before the game!


Stairmaster hiit ( high interval training ) to build endurance can be chosen as a high-intensity workout:

  • Stairmaster engages muscles and uses them to the optimum level to lift body weight as you move step after step it burns calories and builds up more endurance and strength.

Such calorie burn cannot be achieved if you walk or exercise on a flat surface.

  • This workout promises cardiovascular benefits. Once you start doing it the heart rate elevates. 

Around 10-20 minutes of exercise is considered good as heart activity. Maximum cardio benefits can be achieved with this workout.

  • On one hand, it aids balancing and in addition to that while balancing and stepping the Stairmaster the workout strengthens the core and aids muscle strengthening too.
  • This workout mainly aims at the lower body. All lower body parts are toned which is a bang!
  • Stairmaster works with an added benefit for knees. Traditional stairs could be a bit harder on the knees as one has to climb up and down. 

Time and again leg tissues have to work as brakes which affects the overall working. Whereas Stairmaster offers an added benefit i.e omitting all negative effects of descending.  

Some other Merits of Stairmaster Hiit ( high interval training ) to build endurance :

 HIIT Exercise

Easy on knees:

It is easy on the knees. As the stress on the joints is reduced it works on joint pains too. The Stairmaster workout is considered a low-impact and strengthening workout. It is considered good for osteoarthritis problems.

  • Good for Mental well-being:

When you do a Stairmaster workout your body releases endorphins, which are brain chemicals that work on your stress levels thus making your brain “feel good”. All this makes you feel light and happy at heart. A happy heart promises a long and healthy life!

The workout is exhausting but the mental satisfaction and feel good factor takes it all.

  • The creative side:

Stairmaster offers a variety of workouts. The point which stands out is the newly added creative side i.e the option to program the time duration. As a beginner, you can opt for 5-10 minutes of workout. These days some Stairmaster is designed in such a way that on the built-in computer screens, you can see famous landmarks and feel that you are climbing up the same. 

girl doing hiit exercise.

No return walk is needed:

Unlike a traditional staircase, you only have to move upward. It is easy on the knees and connective tissues. Don’t have to worry about going down anymore!

  • Two workouts at one time:

By targeting both cardio and muscles at the same time you can get the benefit of two workouts at the same time. If you go for two exercises you need more time. Whereas with this workout you save time too. More benefits in less time. More benefits can be enjoyed in less time!

  • Trusted workout:

5-10 minutes of Stairmaster workout if repeated for 5 days a week can do wonders for your body. The speed should be kept reasonable. On some days you will feel the difference. 

Toning and strength could be felt after a few days. As a fresher, you can begin with 5-10 minutes working out at a little less speed and with time it can be increased accordingly as you get used to it.

Stairmaster hiit ( high interval training ) to build endurance- Aiding weight loss with :

 HIIT Exercise for weight loss

With Stairmaster, you can always enjoy weight loss due to calorie burn. When you lose weight it brings good heart health, balances sugar levels, and aids knee health. This workout could be done in addition to other exercises like aerobic exercises and strength training to get maximum benefits.  

A StairMaster accomplishes various goals. Accompanied by other exercises and a healthy lifestyle you can get the desired result. This is a high-intensity cardio workout type. This is also a Mountain climber exercise to build stamina.


Stairmaster hiit ( high interval training ) to build endurance is a good workout to follow. If you are a beginner you can always opt for a trainer to learn. This will in turn help you to get maximum benefits. Equipment should always be approached following utmost safety and security.

Although a lot of training must not be required, in the beginning always opt for expert guidance. Once learned you can enjoy the maximum benefits of this workout.

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