Elevate Your Workout: Transform Your Body with Powerblock Weights

Another word that can easily describe Powerblock weights is adjustable dumbbells. These weights are designed by keeping in mind a very nice idea of decluttering the whole lot of dumbbells that one has to buy when looking for a different range of weights. 

Powerblock weights are adjustable and a new innovation of its kind.  

In this article, we will discuss Powerblock weights and various aspects related to them. 

Powerblock Weights The Idea:

The basic idea behind this innovation is that the need for different ranges of weights keeps on arising with time. When a health enthusiast keeps on adding new weights to the collection it makes things messy to keep and store so much clutter. 

Here the power block comes to the rescue as different weights come in a customized design. So you can change the weight as per personal preference. The idea is so brilliant that a whole rack of weights is compiled into one single block! 

Powerblock weight could be an ideal option as it saves time and space. It is as versatile as a traditional dumbbell.

Powerblock Weights Merits:

Less Space Consuming: 

As different weights can be accommodated into one block so one does need a separate place for storing different weights. There is less space requirement. 

Easy to Change Weights:

It is helpful as one can choose different weights at the same time. One can easily dial down the resistance. They are also useful for increasing weight gradually when performing the same exercises over time. 

Solid and Innovative Design: 

The design is solid enough to support the change of weight. There is no possibility of dysfunction when the individual changes weight as per one’s need.

women doing Powerblock weights

Powerblock Weights Demerits:

Shape Difference: 

When it comes to the shape these are way different from the traditional dumbbells.

Less Durable:

Traditional dumbbells are considered to be more durable in comparison to the power block weights. 

More Time Consuming:

Extra time is required to adjust between weights. Whereas in the case of traditional dumbbells, one just needs to pick them up and make them go. 

Few varieties can be fully adjusted at times. Which can cause rattling at times. 

Less Maximum Weight: 

Powerblock weights have a lower maximum weight in comparison to traditional dumbbells.  

More Expensive: 

As the innovation is new and has much more to offer it is more expensive in comparison to the traditional dumbbells. 

Need to learn Adjusting weights: 

When it comes to adjusting weights one needs to learn that and with time and experience, one will have expertise in adjusting weights with ease. 

Heavy to move:

These weights are heavy to move. As the block accompanies the weight so it creates a bulk of the weight.

Not Adaptable For All Exercise :

The power block weights are not convenient to use in various exercises. Whereas traditional dumbbells can be used in all exercises conveniently.  

Powerblock weights Workout

Powerblock Weights Workout:

There are various exercises that can be done with power block weights. One can adjust the desired weight and enjoy the workout. The various exercises are:

Powerblock Weight Goblet Squat:

For doing this exercise hold the power block weight upright down with your hands. Now make a squat position. 

Elbows should be positioned in a way to support and balance the body when coming back to the starting position. 

Wait for a few seconds and return back to the initial position. This exercise is good for the knees, arms, shoulders, and glutes. It also makes the core strong. 

Powerblock Weight  Bench Press:

For doing this exercise lie down on the bench keeping your back facing the bench. Hold weights in both hands. The back should be kept straight. Now do high rises. 

Continue the exercise for 2 minutes. This exercise makes the back and arms strong. Bench press also limits the possibility of back or shoulder pain. 

Arnold Press: 

For doing this exercise stand by keeping your legs shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. 

Keep the elbows bent and palms facing towards oneself. Now raise the dumbbells above the head at this time palms should be away from the body. 

Wait for a few seconds in the same position arms should be in an extended form. 

Return back to the initial position. This exercise is designed to hit the shoulders and back.  

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Powerblock Weights are very aptly called the adjustable dumbbells. They help one keep the clutter at bay. 

As one does not need to collect different dumbbells and can adjust the weights on the block accordingly and do the workout. 

Powerblock weights


Q1: Are PowerBlock dumbbells safe to use?

Ans: PowerBlocks dumbbells are quite safe to use. There is no possibility of any mishappening. Once the individual is experienced enough to use these dumbbells there is no safety issue. 

Q2: What are PowerBlock handles made of?

Ans: PowerBlock handles are made up of stainless steel. Which makes the handles sturdy and easy to handle. 

Q3: Are PowerBlock Dumbbells easy to handle?

Ans: As the shape, size, and weight of power block dumbbells are totally different from the traditional dumbbells they are a bit difficult to handle in comparison to the latter ones. 

One may find it inconvenient to lift them in the beginning. But with expertise, the inconvenience will fade away. 

Q4: Are PowerBlock handles interchangeable?

Ans: The Powerblocks handles are not interchangeable.

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