Elevate Your Fitness Game: HiiTbox Workout for Maximum Results

Hiitbox workout has been designed in keeping the key factors in mind of building stamina and resistance. The workout ensures good strength and enhances endurance too. When looking for a toned body and strong core this workout is for you!

In this article, we will discuss the Hiitbox and various aspects related to it. With motivating music to keep up the vibe when one can make a leap.

HiiTbox Workout- Combining two Regimes in One:

When Hiit workout and boxing come together they combine to form a single regime with dual benefits to offer. 

On one hand high intensity interval training strengthens good cardiovascular activity and on the other hand boxing ensures stamina. 

HIIT workout brings so many benefits for the boxers too. As it keeps them fit and stout. 

As the maximum-intensity workout burns the extra fats and keeps the individual healthy. It boosts the metabolism and as a result, burns extra calories and additional stubborn fat too. 

HIIT workouts help boxers to build such a high level of stamina that they are able to bear through the various rounds. 

The high level of energy boxing requires as a sport cannot be even imagined. It requires the individual to be fit and ready to leap forward and make a win.

The moment one is less on energy the whole game can go in the opponent’s favour. 

Hiitbox  Workout

HiiTbox  Workout The Regime:

A high-intensity warm-up is what one needs to start. This could include vigorous jogging, jumps, and a few fast-running sessions before starting. Once done few stretches should be done: 

HIIT Box Circuit Training:

Boxing requires a whole lot of energy. It would not be wrong to call it one of the best forms of hiit workout. It targets good heart activity which brings more oxygen to the body. Boxing is about pushing your limits. 

While doing Hiitbox circuit training one performs different boxing techniques followed by hiit exercises i.e. freestyle boxing, left-right jab cross, left-right hook followed by rope skipping or burpees for 30 seconds each. No rest intervals are taken in the middle of the workout. 

Once done take 2 minutes rest intervals. Now continue the same circuit 3 more times. In the beginning, the circuit can be started with fewer repetitions and later the number of repetitions could be increased as per individual capacity. 

Weighted Stair Climber Intervals:

This is a fun exercise of its kind. It can be done at ease in one’s home and gym too. At home, you just need a staircase and some weight as per your choice. This is a brutal exercise for which you need a lot of strength. 

If you have stairs at your home or gym, you can perform this high-intensity workout to get in perfect boxing body shape. If you don’t have stairs, you can use any of the stair climber machines for this exercise. The outstanding feature of this exercise is the fast fitness results it brings. 

To exercise when using the stairs, take a sandbag on your shoulders and walk or run up and down the stairs as many times as you can. The time duration to be followed is 30 seconds of intense workout followed by a rest interval of 90 seconds.

The sandbag can be used even when using a stair-climber machine. Following the time duration of 30-90 seconds. 

To achieve the maximum benefits the exercise can be done between 15-20 minutes taking into consideration the body. 

HIIT Dumbbell Circuit:

Dumbbell Circuit can also be another good choice when looking for a Hiitbox workout. One just needs to grab a pair of dumbbells and the rest will be history! 

This workout will bring in good heart activity and ensure strength built up too. 

For doing the exercise hold dumbbells in both hands and perform bicep curls, front rise, and overhead press 20 times each. After every section rest for 1 minute. Repeat the whole circuit for 5-6 times each.  Once done, rest for 2 minutes and move ahead. 

Women doing Hiit Dumbbell  Workout

HiiTbox  Workout Points To Remember:

  • Security is a must to be watched for. Always wear gloves and gear to ensure safety.
  • Always work according to your body’s requirements. Never overlook it. 
  • Watch out for proper workout rest time period intervals. 
  • Continuity and hard work is the key.
  • Challenge yourself to the maximum.
  • Don’t expect things to happen very soon. It takes time. 

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Hiitbox  Workout is quite beneficial when it comes to burning calories and aiding good weight loss. It strengthens muscles and helps in building stamina. 

This workout can be done both at home and gym. This is a very important factor when it comes to the problem of less time availability. 

One can evenly divide the whole workout and gain maximum results in 20-40 minutes of time investment.

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