Dumbbell HIIT Workout Plan: Burn Fat and Build Strength in Just 30 Minutes a Day

With a whole lot of merits to offer, the Hiit workout is one of the best options available when it comes to a good workout regime. Targeting different body parts at one time could be a better option than this workout in a less time investment. Which is an attractive factor for many health enthusiasts.  

The Dumbbell Hiit Workout Plan can help one achieve good heart health and target those stubborn fat areas and ultimately help lose weight. This workout promises lean muscle and a good body shape.

In this article, we will discuss the Dumbbell Hiit Workout Plan and various aspects related to it. 

The popularity this workout enjoys highly depends on the merits it carries. When a Hiit workout is combined with dumbbells the advantages of the workout multiply manifold. Let’s dive more and know about the exercise regime and its benefits:

Dumbbell Hiit Workout Plan: The Exercise Regime

Always start with a warm-up and a little stretching which will give your body a signal to get ready. The various exercises which can be done under this workout are as follows:

Dumbbell Squat:

Women doing Squat Dumbbell Workout

Stand straight with dumbbells in both hands. The chest should be up. Now make a squat position holding the dumbbells straight down. Remain in that position for some time. 

Now putting pressure on the toes return back to the initial position. Repeat 5 times and after that rest for 1 minute. This workout aims to make your arms strong.

Dumbbell Overhead Press:

Stand in a straight position holding the dumbbells in both hands keeping the arms straight down. 

Now, raise the arms straight up above the head keeping the dumbbells facing each other. Arms should be straight all this time. Remain in that position for some time. 

After that, return back to the initial position. Repeat 5 times and then rest for 1 minute. This exercise helps build strong shoulders and arms.

Dumbbell Swing:

Stand by keeping your legs a bit apart and hold one dumbbell with both hands. Getting into a half squat position push your hips outward at this moment to swing the dumbbell between your legs. 

Each time when done come back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 15 times. Once done, rest for 1 minute. This is another exercise that helps build stamina and endurance. 

Dumbbell Triceps Extension: 

Women doing Dumbbell Triceps Workout

Stand straight, keeping your chest up and holding a dumbbell in your both hands. 

Now raise it up, taking it at the back of your head keeping elbows straight. 

Stay there for a few seconds and later return back to the initial position. Do this exercise 10 times and then take rest for 1 minute. This is one of the best exercises aiming at weight loss. 

Dumbbell Hiit Workout Merits:

Ensuring Good Heart Health:

This workout aims at good heart health. As the high-intensity workout demands more oxygen the heart pumps blood at an increased speed. More cardiovascular activity keeps the heart healthy.

Building lean muscle mass:

The workout aims at building lean mass muscle. On the contrary, if one does only hiit workout he may lose muscle while losing weight. In this case, the results are the other way around.

Increased  Metabolism:  

Some other by-products are stamina build-up and increased metabolism.

It has been proven that this workout maintains higher metabolism for many hours after the workout has been done. 

As the high oxygen level liberates more and more energy and is maintained for many hours to follow.  

High-Calorie Burn and Weight Loss:

Women doing Dumbbell Workout

There is a high-calorie burn as the Hiit Dumbbell Workout also aims at the stubborn fat burn and aids weight loss. So no more wondering: how to achieve and maintain a good body shape!

Points to remember before opting for this workout:

Know your body:

Before starting a workout, always be aware of what your body is. How much it can withstand. Do not push yourself beyond limits in the beginning.  

Maintain a proper pace:

 Always start with a little slower pace and then increase it. The body will learn to adapt gradually rather than going into utter shock.

Be comfortable:

Only push yourself to the limit till which you feel comfortable. Pushing hard while feeling uncomfortable can always have devastating results. 

Avoid access workout:

This workout is preferred to be done thrice a week. Which is considered an ample number of times per week.

Keep changing the regime from time to time:

Dumbbell Workout

It is always advised to reshuffle the particular exercises you are doing. Sometimes following the same workout regime can bring a plateau. So to avoid that situation keeps changing between different exercises. 

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above, the Dumbbell Hiit Workout Plan offers a whole-body exercise regime. It promises to keep your heart healthy and your muscles lean. If you want to lose weight and build stamina this workout is for you.

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