How to Get a Bigger Butt Without Exercise: Tips and Tricks

How to get a bigger butt without exercise

Every individual has a different body structure and type. The butt size also differs from person to person. Although the bigger or smaller butts highly depend on genetics still many people aspire for bigger butts but run short of time for exercising. Then a question arises: How to get a bigger butt without exercise? In … Read more

How to flush out excess estrogen | All you need to know

How to flush out excess estrogen

In simple words, Hormones can be described as the coordinators of the body. Hormones help in the smooth functioning of various body functions. The hormones pass all the necessary messages to various body parts thus making day-to-day body activities possible. A balanced secretion of the hormones is required to keep the body healthy. In its … Read more

Posterior Pelvic Tilt: Cause, Symptom, Treatment, Exercises

Posterior Pelvic

Several times we come across the term Posterior Pelvic Tilt. Although the term is widely used, several times there is not much awareness of what it exactly is.  In this article, we will discuss Posterior Pelvic Tilt: Cause, Symptom, Treatment, and Exercises.  Posterior Pelvic Tilt: The Concept The body area below the abdomen which is … Read more

4 Types Of Belly Bulges And How To Fix Them, Causes and Treatments

Belly Bulges

Belly bulges can be seen in different age groups from small children to adults and in old people. In that case, it won’t be wrong to state that tummy bulges can occur at any time in life. There is no specific time when this happens. When talking about causes it may be due to simple … Read more

30 Days Fitness Challenge: Top 10 Fitness Idea To Motivate You

30 Days Fitness Challenge

Motivation has a very important role to play and keeps one going. The more motivated the individual is, the more rewarding results are! On the contrary, if one is demotivated and feels lost at every moment it will be difficult for them to get the desired results. In this article, we will discuss the 30 … Read more

Sprained Thumb: Treatment, Symptoms & Recovery Exercises 

sprained thumb

Any body part can get sprained when it is forced away from the normal limit. This can happen to thumbs too. When the thumb gets stretched it causes a ligament tear or sprain.   A thumb sprain mainly happens when the thumb is forced backward or into some unnatural position.  The sprains can range from minor … Read more

Pulled Muscle in Chest : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Pulled Muscle in Chest

Any individual can develop a muscle strain in the chest. There could be varied reasons for initiating a pulled chest muscle.  Depending on various factors like age, physique, and overall body health, professions demanding more physical activity, facing any accident people several times have to face a pulled chest muscle.  Reason what may be but … Read more Protection Status