7 Best EMOM Workout for Strength, Endurance And Mass

EMOM Workout

EMOM is a fast-paced and wholesome workout that includes intense workouts which as a result brings in good cardiovascular activity. Ensuring good heart health. The workout aims at building strength, endurance, and Mass. In this article, we will discuss the 7 Best EMOM Workouts for Strength, Endurance, And Mass and various aspects related to it.  … Read more

How To Get Skinny Legs: 5 Skinny Legs Workouts

Skinny Legs

Legs bear the whole body weight and help in maintaining the body balance throughout life.  All health enthusiasts aspire for a toned pair of legs that is free from any bulge or stubborn fat.  Such legs are considered to be more strong than the ones that are not fit. Fit legs ensure stability which is … Read more

How to Do Side Lunges: Techniques, Benefits, and Variations

Side Lunges

Lunges are a much-preferred exercise by health enthusiasts who look for a body-weight workout. There are different extensions to lunges but all of them have wholesome benefits to offer. This workout targets bigger muscles and helps in losing weight too.  In this article, we will discuss How to Do Side Lunges: Techniques, Benefits, and Variations.  … Read more

3 AMRAP Workouts You Can Do to Maximize Your Workout

AMRAP Workout

AMRAP is a workout built on the principle of challenging the maximum possibility of rounds one can repeat the different exercises for. In comparison to other exercises, it is not designed on a set pattern of a specific time of workout intervals, time, rest intervals, type of exercises, and repetitions.  It can be fully decided … Read more

HIIT at Home: How to Get Fit with Online Hiit Workouts 

Online Hiit Workouts

HIIT workout stands for High-Intensity Interval Training which is designed on the principle of intense exercise intervals followed by equal rest intervals.  The intense exercises mainly aim at pushing the body to its extreme possibilities whereas the rest intervals help one heal all the muscle wear and tear thereby promising a good healthy body.  Hiit … Read more

Elevate Your Workout: Transform Your Body with Powerblock Weights

Powerblock Weights

Another word that can easily describe Powerblock weights is adjustable dumbbells. These weights are designed by keeping in mind a very nice idea of decluttering the whole lot of dumbbells that one has to buy when looking for a different range of weights.  Powerblock weights are adjustable and a new innovation of its kind.   In … Read more

Rowing Machine HIIT: Boost Performance and Burn Calories

rowing machine HIIT

If you are looking for a total body workout which will target every part of your body and keep you guarded against many health issues no need of pondering more here is the rowing machine hiit workout brings answers to all your queries.  High-intensity interval training workouts when accompanied by a rowing machine workout can … Read more

20 Minute Hiit Workout at Home

20 Minute Hiit Workout

Being a health enthusiast zeal cannot do alone if one is running short of time. In that case, it could be difficult to convert the zeal into practical action.   In that case, the 20-Minute Hiit Workout could be an answer to all your worries. This workout promises a healthy and fit body just by investing … Read more

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