Bike HIIT Workout for Fat Loss : Burn Fat, Not Time!

With a less time investment and so many benefits to offer, the Bike Hiit Workout for fat loss could be a good choice for people looking for a workout regime to make a difference in their life and get fit and healthy. 

The workout is designed in a way to ensure a tough regime that promises strength gain. This workout also breaks from the traditional exercises which could be boring at times. 

Although there are so many exercises available around but Hiit Workout has much more to offer in comparison to its contemporaries and that too in very less time.  

Bike HIIT Workout For Fat Loss Why Choose One:

The Hiit Bike workout has dual benefits to offer.  Firstly it will help in keeping the body fit and secondly, it will keep the heart rate in control and high blood pressure at bay. 

This theory is backed by studies. The workout when done for a few weeks helps maintain a good Blood Pressure in the individuals. 

The 10-minute Bike HIIT Workout For Fat Loss: 

To get started choose a bike of your choice just prefer an equipment with adjustable resistance option. 

Decide the speed and resistance level you want. Just maintain the same pace throughout. This will help bring out the maximum benefits of the workout

  • Start with a warm-up. The resistance should be maintained at medium carry-on for 5 minutes. 
  • Now start with pedaling at high resistance for  20 seconds. Now rest for 40 seconds at low resistance. Repeat 5 times.
  • For the next round pedal for 30 seconds. Resistance should be high at this point. Pedal 30 seconds at low resistance to recovery. Repeat again 5 times.
Bike HIIT Workout for Fat Loss
  • Now pedal for 20 seconds at high resistance followed by 40 seconds of recovery at low resistance. Repeat 5 times.
  • Lastly, pedal at high resistance for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of recovery at low resistance. Repeat 5 times.

Once done, cool down by 5 minutes pedaling at a very slow speed. Now relax and let the body rest. 

 Bike HIIT Workout For Fat Loss Merits:

With a whole lot of options of workouts available one can choose one based on personal choice and need but if looking for an efficient one give a try to this workout one and you will never regret it. 

There are many merits this workout comes with:


This workout requires a very less time investment in comparison to its other counterparts. 

One may choose between 10 to 30 minutes and make a go. What could be more rewarding than that? So no more worrying about a busy schedule.  

High-Calorie Burn:

Why run miles to burn a high amount of calories if you can just sit back and pedal the calories off? The outdoor and indoor difference is not much to be concerned about in this case. 

Here you get stamina build-up as a bonus product. The intensity of the workout directly demands a good calorie burn for meeting up the high energy demand.

Aiding Weight Loss:

As there is a high calorie burn it helps to reduce the body weight. With this workout, one does not need to worry about the obstinate fat. 

Those extra kilos will be easily shed with time while doing this workout religiously. 

Women doing Bike HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

Good Cardiovascular Health:

The increased demand for energy puts a lot of pressure on the heart to pump blood more actively. For which more oxygen is used. 

This makes the heart work at an intense speed giving birth to good cardiovascular activity.  Regular workouts will keep blood pressure and sugar levels in control too.

Post-Workout Benefits:

The workout is beneficial even when in the condition. The workout does not stop affecting as soon one finishes it off rather it helps to maintain high metabolism afterward too. 

Studies show that post-workout there is calorie burn seen in the individuals following this regime. 

Optimum Oxygen Intake and Use:

The workout strengthens the oxygen intake by the body and its optimal use. All this happens when the body is pushed to its maximum capacity. 

This also has positive effects on building stamina, keeping insulin sensitivity in check, and providing strength to the body. 

Bike HIIT Workout For Fat Loss Things to Avoid:

Many times it is observed that health enthusiasts are more interested to follow what things should be done but when it comes to avoiding certain points they become ignorant. 

Which one pays for at later times. When it comes to this workout the things to avoid are:

Women doing Bike HIIT Workout

Never overlook a Warm-up:

A nice warm-up is always advised as it signals the body for upcoming changes. If it is not done the body and mind can land into an utter shock resulting in negative outcomes in place of positive ones. 

Get your body ready for an intense workout by doing a good warm-up.  

Never Ignore Proper Interval Periods:

Proper intervals should never be avoided. These are the periods that provide the body ample time to repair. The body overcomes any exhaustion. The wear and tear is also taken care of in this period. 

For beginners, twice a week’s workout is enough; one can keep shuffling between simple workouts for the other days. 

Less Fluid Intake should be Avoided:

As the workout is of a very high intensity one sweats more as compared to other workouts. Never ignore fluid intake and always maintain a record of the same.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Bike HIIT Workout For Fat Loss may be tough to practice but it has numerous merits to offer. The workout has overall benefits as it targets the whole body both in and out rather than targeting specific areas. 


Q1: Can you do HIIT training on a bike?

Ans: Yes, Hiit training can be done on a bike. This training could be very helpful for good heart activity and weight loss. 

Q2: Can bike exercise burn belly fat?

Ans: Biking can help to burn a good amount of calories which as a by-product aids fat burn and takes the stubborn belly fat away from you. 

Q3: How much cycling to lose 1kg in a week?

Ans= Research shows that 8000 calories need to be burned in order to lose 1 kg weight in one week. Which demands a calorie burn initiated by a four-hour cycling per week. 

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