Best Hiit Workout for Weight Loss and Toning

These days masses are eager for a perfectly toned and fit body. A workout that is backed with a small time investment is a perfect match. 

The high-intensity interval workout aims at good cardiovascular activity. The workout has so many merits to boast of!

The HIIT workout increases the heart rate and later maintains it thus affecting the heart health positively. 

As the workout demands more energy the heart has to pump the blood at greater speed, which takes its fuel by burning the calories. 

When all this process is taking place it as a product aids weight loss and makes the body fit and toned. 

The workout demands a very short time investment ranging between 10–30 minutes. 

This time period could be as rewarding as any other workout done for a longer duration. In many cases, it could be better than the other contemporaries.  

Best Hiit Workout for Weight Loss and Toning

One can take small steps towards health by incorporating this workout into daily life and keeping a record of the same and the changes it offers.  

Best Hiit Workout for Weight Loss and Toning Points to Remember:

It is always to make a list of key points and remember them thoroughly before starting. To mention some points are as follows: 

  • First and foremost, always be in coordination with what your body says.
  • Never start exercising abruptly i.e. always start on a slow pace brisk jogging before running or pedaling slowly before going for high-speed cycling.
  • Always begin with fewer sessions in the beginning as the hiit workout is highly taxing so it’s good to provide the body with ample time to get accommodated with the change.
  • In the beginning, the workout duration should be divided into the equal division of 30 seconds of exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest.  
  • A good relaxing duration should always be followed. 

Here an important thing to remember is that the resting period is as important as the workout duration. The best results of hiit are highly dependent on the rest intervals. 

Best Hiit Workout for Weight Loss and Toning The Regime

When discussing the exercise regime that can aid weight loss and keep your body toned, the hiit workout has so much to offer. 

From a range of various exercises, individuals can choose accordingly and practice a plan that suits their needs. The Best Hiit Workouts for Weight Loss and Toning  are:

Jumping Jacks:

Women doing Hiit Workout for Weight Loss and Toning

Jumping Jacks is one of the most loved exercises as it targets various body parts at one time. The workout keeps almost every part of the body engaged. 

The outstanding feature of the workout is its accommodating high intensity. When aiming for cardio, it is a perfect workout. 

The various body parts it targets are the abdomen, quads, shoulders, glutes, etc. 

For doing the exercise, stand straight by keeping your arms on the sides. Bent the legs a bit. 

Now jump above the ground simultaneously swinging the arms over your head making them touch almost. Now come down by keeping the legs together. 

This exercise mainly focuses on the energy and stamina build-up of the body.

Skipping Rope:

This is a very easy workout yet rewarding at the same time. It can be done indoors and outdoors both. 

One just needs a rope at hand to do this highly beneficial workout. This workout has so many merits to offer i.e. it helps in maintaining balance, helps build stamina,  teaches to maintain pace, increases strength, aids metabolism and builds endurance, etc. 

For doing the workout hold the rope in both hands now jump letting the rope cross from beneath while you jump. 

This workout can be done by jumping with alternative legs. 


A good exercise to fight stubborn weight and get a toned body in the beginning one can start at a low pace but with time when the expertise grows you can do much more sessions.

Women doing Pushups Hiit Workout for Weight Loss and Toning

For doing Push-ups get into an inverted position on the mat now put body weight and balance on palms and toes. 

Now perform a push-up. Repeat 5 times if you are a beginner. Once done then swiftly land on the floor and rest for some time. 

Once you get experienced enough the duration and rounds of the exercise can be increased. 

Mountain Climbers:

This exercise keeps the whole body engaged at the same time. For doing this exercise lie down in an inverted position now raising the body from the middle balance on your palms and keep the foot flat. 

Start moving as you are climbing a mountain. Maintain a high speed to make oneself feel breathless. 

Carry on for at least 3 minutes then take the rest interval for 2 minutes.  

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above the Best Hiit Workout for Weight Loss and Toning can be very helpful for individuals aiming for a fit body and good cardiovascular health. 

This workout not only helps burn calories but aids weight loss too!

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