7 Best EMOM Workout for Strength, Endurance And Mass

EMOM is a fast-paced and wholesome workout that includes intense workouts which as a result brings in good cardiovascular activity. Ensuring good heart health. The workout aims at building strength, endurance, and Mass.

In this article, we will discuss the 7 Best EMOM Workouts for Strength, Endurance, And Mass and various aspects related to it. 

EMOM Workout Concept-

EMOM workout means Every Minute On The Minute. This workout is woven around a very simple idea of an intense workout to be started at the beginning of the minute carrying on to the seconds one can cover the desired repetitions and rest for the remaining seconds. 

Then take another exercise as the new minute starts. For example, if one starts an exercise at the beginning of a minute and carries on the exercise for 40 seconds the remaining 20 seconds will be used for rest intervals and a new exercise will begin in the next minute. 

EMOM Workout Design- 

As the workout is of high-intensity nature it affects the heart activity positively. It helps to build strength, resistance, and endurance as the workout is very fast-paced and has few rest intervals. 

As there is more heart activity it increases the body’s oxygen demand and thus affects the metabolism positively. 

In contrast to this if one chooses a workout with longer rest periods the metabolism boost is comparatively lower.

There is freedom when choosing the exercises. One is not bound to specific exercises. 

The same is the case with the duration of the workout. One can customize both exercises and time duration according to one’s personal preference. 

The time duration of the exercise can be decided by the level i.e. beginner or intermediate etc., the fitness level, the aim, etc. 

The non-specific nature of the workout makes it outstand the other workouts

For designing the workout one can include a few exercises rather than going for a whole lot of exercises. Following the proper workout design and repeating it, many times is very important. 

It is convenient and easier to remember the workout when you have a few exercises to repeat.

EMOM Workout

EMOM Workout Benefits-

Less Time Consuming:

In today’s fast-paced life people run short of time and find it difficult to invest special time for health gains. 

Here EMOM workout comes to the rescue as one does not need to invest long hours for the exercise, rather a few minutes of time duration can make it all happen. 

One can get wholesome benefits just by taking a few minutes out of the busy schedule.

Building Endurance:

The EMOM workout is a mixture of intense workouts followed by rest intervals. The design of the workout works positively for endurance building. 

Which is a must for long-time positive reaping. As the activity is a high-intensity one it as a result trains the heart for intense activity and lungs for more work.


EMOM workout is highly customizable as there are no specific exercises to be followed. One can include various exercises per choice. Another point to consider here is that the quality of exercise is important, not the numbers. 

EMOM Workouts Beginners vs Experts:

A question several times arises: who can do this workout? It is advised to have some experience exercising before starting the workout. Comforting exercises should be included in the beginning. The difficulty level can be increased with time.  

EMOM Workout the Various Exercises:

The various exercises can be included depending on the level of expertise i.e. for beginners simple exercises are included whereas for intermediate or expert individuals different exercises are to be included. 

For beginners, there is a 7-minute workout that has to be repeated in 5-6 sets. It all together makes a 35-40 minutes workout approximately. In the case of intermediate to advanced performers, one can repeat the same workout just by increasing the time duration. Exercises that were repeated 8-10 times should be repeated 15-20 times. 

One important thing to remember in both cases is that the rest interval begins as the decided repetitions are done. As the next minute starts the new exercise has to be started. 7 Best EMOM Workouts for Strength, Endurance, And Mass are:

Dumbbell squats: 

For doing the exercise, stand straight by keeping the legs shoulder-width apart. Now form a squat position holding dumbbells in each hand. Hold for a few seconds and then return back to the initial position.

women doing dumbell squat

Squat jumps:

The exercise is done in almost the same manner as in dumbbell squats. Two different things in this workout are the absence of dumbbells and when returning to the initial position jump and return rather than swift transition. 


Lie down on the floor balance on palms and toes now perform planks. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat for the desired time once done, return back to the initial position and rest. Repeat again.


Lie down facing the floor. Put body weight on hands and toes. Now do push-ups. Repeat for the desired time. Once done, return back to the starting position.   


For doing this exercise, stand straight then bend your knees and make a chair sitting position. Then start doing sit-ups. Repeat 15-20 times. Rest in the time left. 


Stand in a straight position keeping your feet a bit apart. Now jump down in a plank position balancing on hands and toes. Fastly turn back to the starting position. Keep transitioning as fast as possible. Take rest in the remaining seconds. 


For doing this exercise stand straight keeping the feet shoulder-width apart. Now extend one leg to the outer side as far as possible keeping the other leg straight. 

Hold for a few seconds and repeat the same on the other side. Rest in the remaining time after repeating the exercise 8-10 times. 

All exercises should be repeated 8-10 times. Which will totally make the workout wholesome. 

Women doing EMOM Workout
The Bottom Line:

As discussed above 7 Best EMOM Workouts for Strength, Endurance And Mass provides an insight into what this workout is about and how one can make it a part of busy life and enjoy its benefits. 


Q1: What does EMOM stand for? 

Ans= EMOM stands for  Every Minute On The Minute. 

Q2: What is the basic principle behind the EMOM workout?

Ans=  The workout is based on the principle of doing the exercise when a new minute starts and finishing it off at an intense speed as soon as possible and then resting for a few seconds before the next minute starts. 

Q3: Which form of workout is EMOM?

Ans = EMOM is a form of HIIT workout. This includes high-intensity interval training which means intervals of intense exercise followed by rest intervals to provide the body periods to cover tear and wear. 

Q4: Do you rest during EMOM?

Ans= Yes, resting is a part of the EMOM workout although the timing is not specific as whatever seconds are left in a minute after the exercise repetitions are done is considered the rest interval

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