6 HIIT Exercise for women to get in shape just by doing 15 min every day

6 Hiit Exercise for women to get in shape just by doing 15 min every day could be a good option for maintaining a healthy body. 

In today’s world when gender roles have come to a total reversal women sometimes don’t get enough time to take proper care of their health and body. In such situations, HIIT exercises could be a boon. 

The high-intensity workouts work on the simple mechanism of a strength workout followed by regular rest intervals. This workout when done the heart pumps and works more.

It burns calories, builds stamina, and burns fat resulting in lean body muscles. The best part is that this workout can be done with ease at home access without looking for a specific place for the workout.

The Hiit works on the simple principle of a strength workout followed by a rest period. By putting less pressure on the knees the whole body is targeted. The main point is increasing heart activity.

The most important factor that is involved in this is the proper division of time. A limited amount of 5-20 minutes properly divided between workout and rest periods could be invested to get a healthy body.

HIIT workout: The concept 

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. The whole concept revolves around planning. The individual has to make use of maximum effort when working out and then it is followed by small periods of rest which gives the body an ample chance to repair for the next time. It revolves around an intense workout regime.

The icing on the cake is that this workout works both during and after the routine. The workout raises the heart rate and as an effect, the calories are burned to lead to lean muscle mass and weight loss.

Merits of 6 Hiit Exercise for women to get in shape just by doing 15 min every day:

HIIT exercise holds its most considerable merit by targeting both bone and joint health together. Strength training directly impacts the muscles. The increased heart rate impacts fat loss by burning calories. Strength training is also helpful in maintaining good heart health.

HIIT workout vs other workouts 

If we consider HIIT workouts it enjoys an upper hand over other workouts. HIIT is the most effective exercise especially if its time is considered. It promises high results in less time investment whereas the same is not the case with other workouts. If going for other workout regimes one might need more time.

In just 5-20 minutes a whole benefit of hours of exercise can be gained. Muscles are built, and stamina is increased with this workout. 6 Hiit exercises for women to get in shape just by doing 15 min every day could be a good option in comparison to regular workouts.

Division of time intervals and repetitions:

  • The time intervals and repetition can be divided as:
  • Exercise time – 45 seconds
  • Rest time -15 seconds
  • Repeat : each exercise*2 sets( alternate sides)
  • Although a warm-up period can be added as per requirement. So that body is in an easily adaptable state.

List of 6 HIIt Exercises for women to get in shape just by doing 15 min every day:

  • Squat and Bicep Curl and Shoulder Press
  • Front/Back Squat Jump and Bicep Curl
  • Push Up and Single Arm Row
  • Lunge and Squat Thruster
  • Leg Lowers and Tricep Extensions
  • Wood Chop Swing

1. Squat and Bicep Curl and Shoulder Press

Hiit Exercise for women

This exercise targets various body parts like arms, legs, shoulders, biceps, abs, etc. this exercise can be done by standing straight, keeping feet at shoulder width apart. 

Hold dumbbells in both hands facing palms. From a sitting position, there should be a 90-degree angle between hips and knees. 

In a few seconds stand tall. When standing, make a bicep curl to the overhead shoulder press. Fold bicep muscles to curl the weights up.  Now repeat again.

2. Front/Back Squat Jump and Bicep Curl

Hiit Exercise for women

This exercise targets the outer and inner biceps, legs, glutes, etc. Stand by keeping feet at shoulder width apart. 

Bend the knees and put a set of dumbbells between the feet. Softly bending into a squat position lower down. 

Take care of joint movement. Once done, jump back to the initial position. 

Then get hold of the dumbbells and squeeze the bicep curl stand straight and exhale. With proper control keep the dumbbells down and hold back to the initial position.

3. Push Up and Single Arm Row

women doing pushup

This exercise targets abs, chest, back, shoulders, triceps, etc. for this start with a plank position. Shoulders should be balanced on wrists.

Place the left hand on the floor and the right hand on the dumbbell which should be stably placed. Keep feet hip-width apart. 

Keep looking in front and directly hold the position. Lower down the chest towards the floor. 

After this push back into a high plank position while exhaling. In this position do a single-arm dumbbell press. 

This is a single rep. This exercise can be repeated by changing the sides and performing the reps on the other side. An incline can be used by taking a chair or bench to maintain the position.

4. Lunge and Squat Thruster

Lunge and Squat Thruster

This exercise targets the abs, glutes, shoulders, legs, etc. This workout could be a special exercise for cardio training. The more it’s done the more the heart rate increases. 

For this exercise stand straight by keeping your feet at shoulder width. The knees should be slightly bent. 

Hold the dumbbells in each hand with the front rack position. Palms should be facing in. Perform a reverse lunge lowering both legs to 90 degrees. 

Once done, perform the same with the other leg. After this put weight on the heels and sit back the same as a lower squat position. Make a 90-degree angle between the hips and knees. 

Squat thrusters should be done by pressing the dumbbells overhead. Once done other reps can be done after intervals.

5. Leg Lowers and Tricep Extensions

Leg Lowers and Tricep Extensions

This exercise targets the back of the arms, lower and upper abs, core, and hip flexors. 

This exercise is done by lying on the back and holding dumbbells horizontally in both hands. Dumbbell is extended straight overhead. Legs are also extended long above you, with slight bends in the knees. 

The core is engaged and proper control is maintained over the legs. At this point, the dumbbell is lowered toward the face. 

Here exhaling is very important so that the abs should be used to the fullest. This strengthens the arms too.

6. Wood Chop Swing

Wood Chop Swing

This workout targets arms, Legs, inner thighs, shoulders, back, and core. By working on the back and core it makes it strong. It increases muscle functioning and strengthens the cardio too. 

For doing this exercise feet should be kept shoulder-width apart. The knees should be slightly bent. One dumbbell should be held vertically by stacking hands on top of each other. 

Then raise the dumbbell overhead. Do jack and chop movements. Once done, swing the dumbbell overhead and get back to the initial position. Reps can be done after proper rest intervals.

As discussed above, the 6 hiit exercise for women to get in shape just by doing 15 min every day can create wonders in a woman’s life. 


This workout builds endurance and stamina, increases heart rate, maintains blood pressure, and in return promises better health.

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