5 Best Killer HIIT Cardio Workout

HIIT Training is a highly resourceful form of exercise that suits everybody from beginners to experienced health enthusiasts. 

Another outstanding feature of the workout is that it can be done both with and without equipment.  

One can do it at personal convenience i.e. at home or by hitting a gym as per preference. 

A small time investment makes this workout more preferred by the masses. It is a nice workout for good cardiovascular activity. 

After all, what could be more rewarding than getting high-level health gains by putting a short time duration of 15-30 minutes for exercising? 

Killer HIIT Cardio Workout The Concept:

This workout has been designed by keeping in mind the basic idea of pushing the body beyond limits and engaging everything inside out at once. It is made sure that nothing is left unattended. High intensity promises a good cardio workout. 

Hiit stands for high-intensity interval training which is woven into two sections i.e. high intensity workout sessions followed by rest intervals. 

Killer HIIT Cardio Workout 

The rest interval serves as the repair period. As the body goes from a breathless high-intensity exercise session there’s a possibility of exhaustion and muscle wear and tear in that case the rest intervals keep the promise of healing.  

Killer HIIT Cardio Workout  Benefits: 

Promising a Good Cardiovascular Health:

The workout demands a whole lot of energy for which the heart has to pump blood at a high speed. 

While all this process is going on the heart works very actively which ensures good cardiovascular health.  

Calorie Burn: 

When the body works to liberate more energy it gets its fuel by burning calories. 

A good calorie burn takes place for aiding the workout. 

Weight Loss: 

More calorie burn means shedding extra pounds. The obstinate weight is kicked off as a by-product of the hiit workout. 

Building Stamina:

The enduring workout helps ensure resistance and builds stamina too. 

The beginners may find it a bit taxing to carry on the workout but with experience, the stamina reaches soaring heights and helps the individual lead forward.   

Men doing cardio workout

Aiding Flexibility:

The body muscles become flexible with hiit workout sessions. Individuals may feel tense muscles and soreness in the beginning but with time the muscles get adapted to the workout and it is easy to make the moves.  

Less time investment:

In addition to various health benefits, this workout saves you time too. It is beneficial for those people who run short of time due to their different commitments. By just investing a few minutes every time you can make a big difference. 

Killer HIIT Cardio Workout A Promising No-equipment Exercise Regime :

This workout is not bound to be done with equipment. This merit makes it a good choice for anybody who wants to gain health and get fit but does not have access to the gym and various workout equipment. 

There are many exercise options available in hiit workout that can be done without any equipment like squats, planks, mountain climbers, lunges and jumping jacks, etc. Just maintain a good pace and work out as hard as you can soon you will get the results.  

Killer HIIT Cardio Workout the Exercises:


Start with a nice warm-up. Give your body a signal to get ready for the high-intensity workout it is going to be through. 


Stand by keeping feet shoulder-width apart. Now make a squat position. Start performing squats keeping arms in front. 

Continue 20 times till the time you feel breathless. Now return back to the starting position. Take a rest for 2 minutes.

Mountain Climbers:

Women doing mountain climbers

Lie down facing the floor. Balance body weight by bending your legs and keeping your feet flat. Put the weight of the front body on the palms and make a climbing position. 

Now exercise as going upside a hill. Continue for 3 minutes. Once done, rest for 2 minutes. 

Rope skipping: 

Stand by keeping the back straight, hold the rope in both hands, and start skipping. First by alternating each leg and then by jumping on both legs together. Repeat 20 times. Once done, rest for 2 minutes. 


For this exercise lie down facing the floor. Now balance the body on toes and palms. Perform planks maintaining body balance. The core should be kept strong. Repeat the exercise 15 times. Now rest for 2 minutes. 

Killer HIIT Cardio Workout

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above, a killer HIIT Cardio Workout can bring significant health benefits to you. The beauty of this workout is that it can be done without equipment. 

One does not especially need to visit a gym or have equipment at hand to perform this workout.  One can burn a whole lot of calories and lose weight. 

This workout brings in good cardiovascular activity to keep your heart healthy. 

Replacing the traditional exercise regime with this promising high-intensity interval training is rewarding and beneficial. So work hard and achieve the level of fitness you aspire to!  

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