5 Best Hiit Workout For Women

A large number of women keep looking to break away, many times from a no-exercise busy routine and sometimes from a sedentary lifestyle. 

In that case, the Hiit workout could be the best option available. With a number of merits to offer this workout has two fundamental and much-needed features i.e. less time investment and offering many exercises which can be done without equipment. 

The best thing this workout can promise you is a life full of health and energy!  

Let’s dive more into the Best Hiit Workout for Women and its various features. 

What is a Hiit Workout and how does it work?

Hiit stands for high-intensity interval training. This workout has created quite a buzz around the world. 

Health enthusiasts have received this workout with pretty high interest. This workout works on a very simple principle of intense exercise intervals followed by rest intervals. 

Best Hiit Workout for Women

This workout offers a wide variety of exercises so dear ladies don’t worry about what to choose. You have a lot to explore and decide what you want! 

Points to remember before starting a workout regime:

Before discussing the workout regime there are a few points one should always remember:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Listen to your body. Never overlook what it is pointing to or what it needs.
  • Always begin at a low pace.
  • Never force yourself.
  • Choose exercises that you find easier to do.
  • Be confident of what you are doing for yourself.
  • Always consult a professional before starting. 
  • Finally, never forget to warm up before you start. Give your body enough time and signals to get ready for what is going to happen!

Best Hiit Workout for Women: The Workout Regime

Simple squats:

Keeping the legs shoulder width apart, stand straight. Now form a squat position. Keeping your arms in front. 

Stay in the same position for a few seconds. Now return back to the initial position. Continue for 20 repetitions. Once done, rest for 1 minute.

High Knees:

Keeping your head upright and keeping your legs shoulder width apart stand straight.  

women doing hiit high knees

Now jump bringing your one knee up reaching to the chest and the other foot one placed on the floor. 

Now quickly keep changing the legs alternatively. Do the exercise fast. 

The arms can be kept at a chest height in front to let the knees touch the palms. This in a way helps to maintain the height till where you need to bring the knees. Repeat the exercise 20 times on each side. Once done for 2 minutes.

Mountain Climbers:

Facing the floor make a plank position. Keeping your arms shoulder width apart put your weight on the palms of your hands. 

Elbows should be kept straight at this time. Maintain your lower body weight on your toes. At this moment the middle body is in the air. 

Now start moving alternative legs one by one as if you are climbing a mountain. Do this exercise for 3 minutes at a higher speed. Now take a rest for 1 minute.

Jumping Jacks:

Keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and head straight jump, while doing so push both feet in an outward direction and hands straight over the head inward. 

women doing hiit jumping jacks

Arms should be straight while doing so.  Now jump back bringing hands and feet to the initial position. Now do this oppositely. 

Repeat 15 times each and then rest for 2 minutes.

Jumping Ropes:

Start with rope jumping keeping the feet at normal width apart and holding the rope in both hands. 

Now this workout involves two different kinds i.e. jumping front to back and then with one alternative leg for which one leg is kept grounded and the other a little high in the air.

Best Hiit Workout for Women: The Merits-


What could be more relaxing for a woman than a time-saving exercise routine? 

With time women have come into professional sectors but the pivotal role they play at home is beyond imagination. 

women doing hiit squats

Their time is more devoted to others than to themselves. In that scenario, they often forget about themselves. The HIIT workout keeps the promise of time-saving like a true friend! 

Promises a Good Cardiovascular Health:

Many women due to hectic life schedules experience high levels of stress which directly impacts their heart health. 

High-intensity workout demands super activity by your heart as the heart has to pump more blood to fulfill the oxygen needs.  

Keeps your Mind Relaxed:

High-intensity exercise keeps you motivated and fresh throughout the day. Which in turn helps in the secretion of happy hormones. Stress also remains at bay. 

Burns Calories and Aids Weight Loss:

More heart activity helps in burning extra calories which kicks away the stubborn weight and keeps the body healthy, smart, toned, and fit!

Aids Good-Night Sleep:

Women many times claim sleep depravity which can be treated by investing a few minutes in the exercise schedule every day. A light but tired body and mind will aid a good night’s sleep. 

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above the Best Hiit Workout for Women can do wonders in your life dear ladies! Just go ahead, make a move, and try to take some time for yourself. You will never regret it!

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