4 Types Of Belly Bulges And How To Fix Them, Causes and Treatments

Belly bulges can be seen in different age groups from small children to adults and in old people. In that case, it won’t be wrong to state that tummy bulges can occur at any time in life. There is no specific time when this happens. When talking about causes it may be due to simple weight gain in certain cases or in other cases different medical conditions might kick in the belly bulge.

In this article, we will discuss 4 Types Of Belly Bulges And How To Fix Them, their Causes, and their Treatments.

Belly Bulges:

Several times we come across instances where we see stubborn fat depositing around the stomach areas which with time starts to bulge out and can be easily seen.

It not only changes the look of the body but affects the health negatively showing various symptoms and causing problems in different body organs.

This accumulated fat can be divided into two categories one is Subcutaneous fat which is easily pinchable and is present mostly in the stomach areas. Visceral fat is another type that is present in the cavities between the abdomen and the various organs. Once there is any kind of fat deposit the situation might turn out to be a difficult one to control.

Belly Bulges Causes:


Obesity is one of the most alarming health concerns of today’s time. Which brings different health risks with it. A belly bulge is also initiated with obesity.

Unhealthy Lifestyle:

Uncared attitude towards day-to-day lifestyle which includes wrong timings of getting up and sleeping. Sedentary lifestyle with very less activity or no activity. All let the fats get an easy deposit around the stomach areas forming a tummy bulge.

Unhealthy Eating:

Not eating a balanced diet also adds to belly bulge. People who consume more junk food have a tendency to grow tummy bulges as these foods have a high saturated fat content which is not so easy to waive off once they enter the body.

Age Factor:

As age increases and all individuals i.e. male or female go through a transition both inside and outside the body. As there are hormonal changes it stops various body processes which also initiates fat deposition. Which can be seen easily with time.


Many times stomach bulges out due to bloating too. Which can be caused due to various conditions like constipation, indigestion, hormonal imbalance, etc.


A high-paced lifestyle kicks in stress. Stress has a direct impact on hormonal functions. Studies show that stress can very easily disturb hormones which results in weight gain and deposit of obstinate fat around the stomach areas causing belly bulge.

Postpartum Factors:

As the belly grows big in size with the growth of the baby there are postpartum factors initiating the tummy bulge out.

As the internal organs get away from their original space to accommodate the uterus at the time of pregnancy and it takes time to return back to its original position after childbirth. During that time a belly bulge did exist.

belly bulges

4 Types Of Belly Bulges:

Ovary Body Type:

This belly bulge is specifically related to the female body. The main weight gain can be seen in the lower belly areas.

It is mainly initiated by hormonal changes which take place during periods and in postpartum conditions.

Bloated Belly:

The cause of the condition here is more inside than outside. In this case, the fat may not be deposited on the outer body rather there are conditions like water retention, gastric, constipation, indigestion, etc. A wrong diet consumption is also a reason in this case.

Genetic Belly:

Genes have a great role to play in an individual’s appearance. It applies to a big belly too. Genetics play a big role in belly bulge too. Genes play a significant role when it comes to weight gain.

It is not possible to modify genes. Only a healthy lifestyle can help in maintaining a balance if not able to reverse the whole situation.

Overthinking about genetic reasons is also a cause of stress which initiates tummy bulge due to increased stress hormone production.


This belly bulge drops in females when they go through menopause. At this time the estrogen levels drop down very rapidly and the testosterone levels change too.

This as a result changes the overall appearance of the body especially making the belly bulge out which can be easily seen.

Belly Bulges Treatment:

Healthy Lifestyle:

The best way is to work on your lifestyle. An active lifestyle can help you deal with the stubborn tummy bulge. Activities like walking, running, and exercising are very helpful in this case.

Healthy Eating:

Eating a balanced diet and cutting on calories is also helpful in decreasing belly bulge. In contrast to this if one chooses junk food it will add to deposit more fat as these foods are loaded with saturated fats which are not easy to do away with.

Keep Stress At a Bay:

Try to keep the mind as relaxed as possible which will keep the stress hormones in control and thus keep the belly bulge away.


Take medical help if the condition gets worse. The doctor will prescribe medicines in cases like constipation, hormonal imbalance, etc. If there is some fluid retention in the stomach he may recommend removing the fluid with a procedure.


In extreme cases to save an individual’s life the doctor may prescribe surgery. Which will be helpful in removing the excess fat and relieving an individual of a tummy bulge.

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Belly Bulge types And How To Fix Them, Causes and Treatments brings an insight into various aspects related to the issue of belly bulges and how to deal with it.

One can figure out the reasons causing the tummy bulge and deal with it accordingly.


Q1: What is Active Fat?

Ans: The stubborn belly bulge fat that deposits around the stomach area and is not inactive i.e. it gives birth to other diseases is called active fat. This fat is very difficult to lose.

Q2: What is the reason for belly bulge?

Ans: There are various physical and medical reasons that cause a belly bulge. These could range from simple body build-up to conditions like obesity or hormonal imbalance.

Q3: Is it possible to reduce the belly bulge?

Ans: Although difficult, it is not impossible to reduce the belly bulge. Just by changing one’s lifestyle and including mindful eating one can get rid of this obstinate fat.

Q4: What are the symptoms of bloating?

Ans: The various symptoms of bloating are constipation, gastric, diarrhea, burping, etc.

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