30 Mins Hiit Pilates Workout

Small lifestyle changes can be highly rewarding when it comes to health. With time people are getting more and more stuck with busy schedules. 

Several times we complain about not having enough time to follow an exercise regime. Running short of time creates a huddle between your aspiration of being healthy. 

In such situations, pilates hiit workout comes to the rescue by making things possible that earlier might seem to be more than impossible to achieve. 

Taking time out from the fully stacked schedule and just following simple discipline one can conveniently imbibe a health regime and enjoy the benefits.

In this article, we will discuss Hiit Pilates Workout and various aspects related to it.

What is a Hiit Pilates Workout?

Hiit Pilates workout

An exercise is considered to be the best if it can target various body parts both internal and external at the same time. 

A fusion of hiit and pilates aims at that. Other exercises could be rewarding too but in most cases the results can be seen specifically not overall. 

HIIT Pilates covers the full body. The two workouts when done together work in contrast to each other. Pilates are low impact exercise whereas hiit workout is based on high-intensity exercises. 

It aims at pushing the body to its maximum. The former works on strengthening the body and the latter works on building stamina and an increased cardiovascular activity.  Hiit workout targets pushing the body beyond limits. It is about high-level activity. 

A time-friendly workout brings different health benefits combined together and takes the body on a healthy ride altogether.

Why combine Hiit and Pilates? 

A question may arise what is the need to combine these workouts into one are they not sufficiently competent in offering benefits by themselves? 

The answer is: Although both exercises have their own share to offer on their own but when combined together the benefits increase manifold. 

When looking for an exercise that takes on the whole body this combination has so much to offer. 

Difference between Hiit and Pilates:

Women doing Hiit Pilates workout

Pilates mainly focuses on the core; the movements are slow but continuous. It targets breath control to improve the mobility of the whole body. 

It targets muscles and improves flexibility. As it strengthens the core it challenges the highest potential of the body. 

Core strength helps in day-to-day activities. From picking things to putting them back. It is a must for an active lifestyle.

When it comes to hiit workout it focuses on muscles overall. It helps one to sail through in small time intervals in more fast and more effective ways. 

It ensures calorie burn and targets increasing cardiovascular activity. It is always followed by equal rest intervals which is not the case in pilates. 

As rest intervals help boost metabolism it helps in burning calories even after one finishes the workout.

Advantages of HIIT Pilates Workout:

  1. Targeting different body parts at once.
  2. Promising more benefits in comparison to other single workouts.
  3. Improves cardiovascular activity with increased heart rate and activity. 
  4. Helps build strength and flexibility.
  5. No need for equipment.
  6. Can be done both indoors and outdoors.
  7. Need less time investment.
  8. The perfect combination of fast exercises and precise movements. 
  9. Helps improve breathing patterns. 
  10. Helps one get a fit and healthy body by burning calories.
  11. It aids weight loss too as a by-product.  

What Does Hiit Pilates Workout Involve?

Women doing Hiit Pilates

This workout is divided into different sections. The workout begins with a slow warm-up. Which is later transitioned into sets of fast pilates. 

Once the pilates are done the rest intervals are introduced. To deal with all wear and tear. HIIT Pilates workout breaks from traditional exercising routines. 

It helps health enthusiasts break from old exercises and thus keeps the monotony away and helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Various exercises for a good Hiit Pilates Workout:

A proper balance between workout and rest intervals has to be maintained. There are various exercises that can be included in this workout regime. To mention some are as follows: 

Simple Plank : 

The very first exercise is a plank. Lie down on the mat facing the floor. Now rise up from the whole body by balancing on elbows and toes. Maintaining the balance stay in the same posture for 1 minute now return back to the initial position. Do this exercise for 30 repetitions. Relax and lie down for 2 minutes.

Mountain Climbers:

Women doing Mountain Climbers

Another exercise for both core and stamina building. Form a plank position keeping balance on hands and feet. 

Now do spot walks as if you were climbing a mountain. While doing that alternatively each leg will come near the chest. 

Do this exercise for 3 minutes. Once done, take a rest for 2 minutes.

Triple crunch:

Lie down on the mat on our back.  Fold your legs in a standing position. Now put both hands behind the neck. 

There should be space in between the elbows. No lift the head up doing a crunch. Do this repetitively thrice before coming back to the original position. 

Do this exercise for 2 minutes followed by a rest interval of 1 minute. 

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above Hiit Pilates Workout comes with dual merits to offer. 

One can easily target strengthening the core and good heart health together just by doing this workout. It will not be an exaggeration to state that this workout can do wonders if done with continuity and discipline.

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