3 Balance Board Workout Exercises to Try Today

As the name suggests Balance Board Workout includes a balance board as a tool to train oneself and develop balancing skills in a more polished way. 

As the surface is not so stable it helps to build resistance, patience and endurance.  While all this happens the muscles get strong and body balance increases manifold.   

Balance Board: The Fitness Tool-

It will not be wrong to describe a Balance board as a fitness tool. 

Several times children are seen playing with balance boards but when it comes to seeing the positives it is not just a medium to play rather it has a whole lot of benefits to offer. 

Balance boards are incredible when it comes to fitness and health. Once you are skilled enough, balance boards could be fun.  

So when looking for an exercise having dual features of health and fun one can always look up to a balance board.

Balance Board What It Involves?

The balance board can involve various things ranging from a simple balancing endeavour to standing on the board for long durations and moving with speed. 

It gives you a rush when you know the surface is so unstable! This could help players, athletes and common individuals to build a strong core and increase stamina to soaring heights.

Men doing Balance board workout


Balance Board: Can It Be Used by Beginners?

Balancing could be hard when it comes to a beginner. A good level of skill is required to make things go smoothly.  Balance boards may seem easy to master as an onlooker but when it comes to practical use it is hard to learn one. 

A small lapse in balance can bring the individual tumbling to the ground. This may leave them wondering if is it their cup of tea. 

But practising is more important than worrying! If you are not very confident about your balancing skills, always start with a stationary balance trial rather than getting in motion.

Balance Boards Safety Precautions :

It is always advised to follow safety procedures properly. In the absence of these things do not turn out to be positive.

If you are a beginner try to practise by standing near a wall or something tangible to hold on to. This will aid your balance and add to your confidence. Once experienced enough the individual can turn to various exercises. 

Balance Board: How Good is the Workout?

As far as the workout is considered, the balance board is remarkable. How beautifully it engages all muscles at a single time is worth seeing. 

It keeps the core and legs engaged at the same time. It helps to strengthen the muscles and that too at ease at the place of your choice without visiting the gym. 

Balance Board: How Much Time Period is Recommended?

When new to the balance board most of the time go practising balance. Things might be challenging as the muscles are challenged for creating and maintaining balance. 

This puts extra pressure many times on the muscles and makes them sore. At this point, the idea is to get skilled rather than how long you can stay. 

Staying very long could be exhausting in the beginning. So when aiming for the right duration a session of 10-20 minutes length could be the best option. It will help to get the good experience needed for future workouts

The time duration can be increased with time. Just keep in mind that you should not feel overburdened.  Just listen to your body. The workout can be practised every day at personal convenience. 

Balance Board Exercises:

Before doing any sort of workout learn how to maintain balance being on the board. Another thing is stretching your legs and arms for a basic warm-up and getting the body into a good state. The different workouts to follow are:  


Stand straight balancing on the board. Once the balance is maintained start by tilting to the left side and then to the right side. 

Continue for 30 seconds. Once done, take a rest for 10 seconds. 


After maintaining the balance tilt forward making the board touch the floor. Repeat the same on the backside. Arms can be kept in front or on the sides. Continue for 30 seconds, once done rest for 20 seconds. 

Mini Squats:

This workout targets various body parts altogether. For doing the exercise, stand by maintaining the balance. The feet should be kept a few inches away. 

Arms should be kept on the sides. Make a squat position. Bend knees maintaining balance. Perform squats. Continue for 10-15 repetitions. 

Balance board Workout
The Bottom Line:

As discussed above, a Balance Board Workout can help ensure good health and a fit body. 

Once the individual learns how to maintain balance on the board and overrule the possibility of tumbling they can enjoy the benefits of this workout. 

So what are you waiting for just go and grab your balance board and have fun!

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