20 Minutes of HIIT Training on Elliptical for Full Body Fat Loss

20 minutes of HIIT training on an elliptical for full body fat loss could be a good option to gain health in a shorter investment of time. This workout could be helpful in losing stubborn weight. These are good Hiit exercises that aim at upper and lower body fat together. It builds up stamina and gives a push to the heart. As a by-product, there is a consistent calorie burn and a resulting fat loss. The point that stands out is that this workout does not put much pressure on the joints.

The problem of weight gain has emerged as a serious threat in today’s time. It has been declared a serious threat to the world population by the World Health Organization. But by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly one can always lead a healthy life and keep diseases at bay. Weight gain is the root cause of many serious health issues which lay its clutches on human beings. And sometimes cause serious threats to human life. 

In this article, we are going to discuss 20 minutes of HIIT training on an Elliptical for full body fat loss.

HIIT Training on Elliptical for Full Body Fat Loss:

HIIT Training on Elliptical

Before that let us put some light on what exactly an elliptical HIIT workout is.

It stands for a High-intensity interval workout. It goes as a cardio exercise. The exercise regime is about working in different divided time slots i.e beginning on a fast node then taking time to repair and then again working out vigorously. Most of the exercises aim at Increasing heart activity. The more exercise, the more it pushes the heart to work at a fast pace and in return increases the heart activity. Which affects weight loss actively. It increases the level of blood flow to other organs and helps maintain their proper functioning. It follows the simple time management principle of working out in this regime of 20-30-40 minutes. After rigorous high intensity works out for one slot and can then rest for a particular time i.e 3 seconds to 2 minutes approximately. This training is highly beneficial. Less time-consuming and more rewarding than other regimes. In an average time of 10-30 minutes, one can have the benefits of a full-time workout.

20 Minutes HIIT training on Elliptical for full body fat loss:

The first and foremost thing is the division of time which is properly divided for equal workout and rest time slots. The rigorous workout aims at pointing various body parts together.

Training on elliptical for full body fat loss:

HIIT Training on Elliptical

It serves as a good option for cardio exercise. It aims at good heart functioning, burning calories, fat loss, and maintaining a healthy weight of the individual. It can be done both as a simple workout or a HIIT workout. When training with an elliptical the whole body is working simultaneously. Putting less pressure on the legs allows for better muscle functioning.


  • Increasing endurance: Continuous and intense use increases the level of endurance and helps build stamina. More stamina leads to better bodywork. When working out the individual is able to maintain better body balance as this workout mainly focuses on balancing. The by-product is burning a whole lot of calories. Many people face joint pains and injuries these days. This workout can be helpful to reduce such symptoms too.
  • Targeting the whole body: It does not work on one body part at one time rather it targets the whole body altogether. The heart, liver, legs, and stomach all body parts are targeted.  If done properly this exercise can engage the glutes, chest, back and biceps, etc. This in turn reduces belly fat and gives a toned body. 
  • Good for beginners: This could be a good option for beginners as it goes easy on the knees whereas if one goes for running or walking it could be a bit taxing for the body. It is safe on the knees too. As it provides less impact on the knees as divided pressure is used. Whereas if one goes on a high-pressure workout it can affect the knees adversely. It is less weight-bearing. It can be put in that category of exercise that is of less impact on joints.
  • Best choice for cardio: This exercise is the best option for cardio activity. It is good for heart functioning. It is a better option than walking and running. Good heart health is always helpful in maintaining a healthy body and happy life.

The worth of 20 minutes of HIIT training on the elliptical for full body fat loss:

HIIT Training on Elliptical for Full Body Fat Loss

It will be quite fair to call it a quite worth it option for exercise. It is a low-impact workout that increases the heart rate and burns calories. The best thing is it is low impact good and easy on joints and a nice option for cardiovascular activity. It aims at hitting the main muscle groups. The best thing about these machines is that it is a great way of losing weight and building lower-body lean muscle.

Best time for an elliptical workout:

The evening time is considered to be the best time for an elliptical workout. This time is considered to be the best time for high-intensity training as the body may be at its best flexible muscle timing. The body temperature is also good at this time. Starting from 5 minutes it can range up to 30 min.  

Time slot for Hiit elliptical workout:

The HIIT elliptical workout is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise. The best time could be between 15-30 minutes per day. A vigorous workout can bring good health benefits. For strength training 5-20 min of workout is good. 

Food requirement before Hiit elliptical workout:

High energy requirements can not be denied for HIIT workouts. Going according to the nutritional guidelines, good carbohydrates and sugars are required by the body so that at the time of body energy requirements can be met properly through these food intakes.

HIIT Training on Elliptical for Full Body Fat Loss

Doing workout as per lifestyle:

People with a completely sedentary lifestyle can start this workout with 10 minutes a day, thrice weekly, and later build up the timing to 30 minutes workout 5 times a week.


The importance of workout can not be denied in today’s fast-paced life. One needs to be aware of a good lifestyle to enjoy good health. As it is said a healthy mind lives in a healthy body so to lead a harmonious life full of health and happiness a healthy body is a must.20 minutes of HIIT training on an elliptical for full body fat loss is a good option to maintain health at its best. The equal division of time for exercise and repair is taken. The problem of weight gain has emerged as a serious threat to the world population. Not only the grown-up but little children suffer from weight gain and related problems. All these problems can be overcome by following simple lifestyle changes.

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