20 Minute Hiit Workout at Home

Being a health enthusiast zeal cannot do alone if one is running short of time. In that case, it could be difficult to convert the zeal into practical action.  

In that case, the 20-Minute Hiit Workout could be an answer to all your worries. This workout promises a healthy and fit body just by investing a few minutes every day. 

This workout enjoys wide popularity as it helps to deal with time issues and offers equal benefits to its counterparts. 

Let’s dive in and share some knowledge on what 20 Minute HIIT workout is and the benefits it offers.

Hiit Workout the Definition:

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. The workout is designed on a simple principle of high-intensity workout durations followed by rest intervals. 

The rest intervals help the body repair. There are several rounds of the exercise. 

The basic thing that remains the same is the alternative sections of workout and rest. 

The workout aims at a high level of cardiovascular activity. 

It is about getting breathless as the high intensity of the workout forces the heart to pump more blood to fulfill the high demand for oxygen.

20-Minute Hiit Workout the Benefits:

The 20-minute HIIT Workout has a whole lot of benefits to offer. 

An active and healthy heart has a positive impact on the body both in and out. The various benefits are:

Aids Good Heart Health:

As the high-intensity workout demands a lot of energy the heart has to pump blood more actively to deal with it. This ends up in good cardiovascular activity. 

Builds Stamina:

The workout is about pushing the limits. The more it is achieved the more it results in good strength build up. The level of stamina increases with time and one finds it much easier to meet the aspired levels.

20 Minute Hiit Workout

Burns Calories:

This workout helps burn more calories in order to meet up to the energy requirement of the high-intensity workout. 

Help in Weight Loss:

This workout is perfect for people looking for weight loss. The workout aims at stubborn fat and makes one look fit and smart.  

Maintains Good Mental Health: 

A healthy body and a good workout keep your mental health at its best. The more one is busy and achieving good results the more the secretion of happy hormones takes place. 

As a result of the workout, the individual gets less time to think and indulge in negative thoughts.

20-Minute Hiit Workout The Regime:

20-Minute Hiit Workout can be designed by including various exercises altogether but the basic thing to take care of is the equal time intervals of workout and the rest periods. 

For the following exercises, the workout and rest intervals will be divided into 80 seconds of high-intensity exercise followed by 40 seconds of rest. 

The whole circuit should be repeated twice which will result in 20 minutes of high-intensity workout. 

To get your body ready for the upcoming high intensity do some warmup. Do spot jogging and stretch your arms and legs. Now you are good to go. The various exercises are: 

Jump Squats:  

Stand straight by keeping your legs shoulder-width apart. Now make a squat position. 

Stay there for a few seconds now jump and land on the floor swiftly. Repeat the exercise for 80 seconds once done, rest for 40 seconds. 

Repeat once again the whole exercise.

Women Doing Hiit Workout

Mountain Climbers: 

Get into an inverted position facing the floor. Now balance the body weight on palms and toes. Now move, climbing a mountain as fast as possible. 

Keep doing the exercise for 80 seconds and then rest for 40 seconds. Once done, repeat the same exercise for one more time. 


For this exercise lie down by keeping your back straight. Now bend your legs keeping the feet flat. Keep the hands behind the head keeping a little distance in between. 

Putting pressure on the abs sit up. The pull should be felt at this time. Now return back to the initial position. Do the exercise for 80 seconds and then rest for 40 seconds. 

Once done, repeat again for one more time. 


Skipping or jumping rope is one of the easiest and best forms of cardio exercise. 

For doing the exercise stand straight holding the rope in both hands. Now jump with one foot keeping it a little high and landing on the other one swiftly. 

Now repeat with the alternative side. Carry on for 80 seconds then rest for 40 seconds. Once done, repeat one more time.

High Kick:

Stand straight by keeping your head upright. Now kick in front as high as you can. Now return back and do the same with the alternate foot. 

Give special attention to maintaining the balance. Keep repeating for 80 seconds. Once done, rest for 40 seconds. Now do the same exercise once again. 

The Bottom Line:

As discussed above the 20-Minute Hiit Workout brings a very convenient exercise regime loaded with a whole lot of benefits. One can adjust this small time investment workout in their busy schedule and achieve a healthy and fit body.

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